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I'm So Obsessed With This $45 Pillow I Bought a Second the Next Morning

A simple shift to ensure you're taking care of yourself.
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I've had a bad neck ever since I wrote my first book, hunched over my keyboard in bed which, granted, wasn't exactly ergonomically ideal. Depending on the day, my neck can range from feeling quite sore and tight, to a pain that seriously limits my mobility. The last time it hurt so badly that the pain made me ill, I made it a priority to take better care of myself: I started stretching my neck daily, seeing an acupuncturist, and maintaining semi-regularly appointments with a massage therapist. My neck aches dissipated, but never went away completely and were especially painful the moment I woke up. It wasn't until my acupuncturist suggested I get a new pillow that I'd even considered it. 

After months of wavering, I finally pulled the trigger on the ergonomic memory foam pillow he suggested—and it was the best decision I could have made. If it's any indication of how much I love it, the morning after I first used it, Geoffrey bought one for himself based on my excitement alone. 

The pillow is made from memory foam, with a divot in the middle where your head goes, and fits into most pillowcases (we use Standard Queen cases). When G got his, I could see that, instead of his head curling into a C, his neck was perfectly aligned. It immediately illustrated why the pillow has helped my neck as much as it has. Even when I toss and turn, from stomach to side to back, my neck is properly aligned. After raving about it to G, I texted my friends the link too. It hasn't completely solved my neck pain, nor is it a replacement for a doctor's treatment, but it's been so helpful I'm already planning on including it in this years 'Best Buys' post. Regardless of whether you have neck issues (G does not), it's a simple shift that ensures you're taking care of yourself.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.