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I Went to Target This Week (Here Are the 15 Best Things I Saw)

How I filled up my cart with everything from beauty items to cat treats.
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Ever since I can remember, I've loved going to Target (and, let's just get this out of the way: This is in no way sponsored, that's how much I adore their store!). Between the cute branding and little items I never knew I needed, it's hard for me to leave empty-handed. Recently, I went to a local Target to pick some things up for the house and ended up finding so many good products that I had to share:

nail polish

1. Nail Polish: Since I have a handful of signature nail colors I tend to stick to, I go through my nail polish quickly. During my Target run, I wanted to stock up on two favorites that are often sold out: OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark (a moody dark purple) and Essie's Topless and Barefoot (the perfect nude). 


2. Eyeliner: I've tried countless eyeliners over the years, and this is one of the most reliable options I've found. When I'm doing my makeup in the morning, I often dot this on my lid, dragging between lashes to fill out the space without actually lining the lid. It stays put all day and is only $6.


3. Hair straightener: I usually use my GHD straightener, but this straightener was just too appealing (and well priced!) to skip. You can't go wrong with Conair, and because of the pretty, holographic rainbow plating, you have a reason to leave it out on the counter.


4. Shaving Cream: Katie recommended this $1 shaving cream to me, and though I typically don't use shaving cream in the shower, I couldn't not try it at this price and scent. 


5. Bath bombs: Sloan loves any opportunity to bring her favorite color palette (rainbow) into her daily activities. These bath bombs make getting her ready for bed easier and more fun. Each one is a little different (win for her), and they never stain the tub (bigger win for me).

wrinkle release

6. Downy Wrinkle Release: I've written about this product before, but this new iteration is even better than I could've imagined. Two spritzes and even my most stubborn wrinkles are gone, making my mornings run a bit smoother, if you will. 


7. Temptations Cat Treats: We used to keep food out for the cats all the time until learning that may be the root of Luna's, um, heft. We started feeding them one serving twice a day instead and now if they want a snack or deserve a little treat, we keep a bag of Temptations on hand. They're obsessed with the 'milk' flavor. 


8. Slippers for Sloan: Sloan is absolutely obsessed with unicorns these days, and since we like to incorporate her interests in little ways throughout her wardrobe and room, these slippers were a must-buy. Sloan will definitely try to wear these out of the house, but I also love this slightly more subtle, glitter option for her. 


9. Fuzzy Jacket for Sloan: I recently wore this Heartloom jacket (new to The Shop!) home the other day, and Sloan loved how soft and cozy it was. When I saw this near-replica in the kids' section, I had to get it for her. 


10. Glass Food Storage Set: G and I have made vast improvements in terms of bringing lunch to the office. These cute containers will help continue to inspire me to wake up, pack lunch, and actually take it to the office. 


11. Planners: How could I not include this in my Target roundup? Every time I pass by one of my end caps, I feel so immensely proud of how far our brand has come! 

string lights

12. Outdoor string lights: We always like to have string lights hung in our outdoor entertaining space since it creates such a special, warm ambiance for when guests are over. I got our last set from Target a while ago, but really love the incorporation of copper in this version.


13. First aid kits: How cute is this branding? We always make sure to have a first aid kit in the car and the office just in case of emergency, and this one is stylish enough to keep out and within arm's reach.


14. Blister protectant: Whenever we have a photo shoot, I'm often switching from shoe to shoe and walking a ton in heels. If I start to feel a blister forming, I place one of these on the back of my heel or toe to keep the shoot going all day. 

power bank

15. Power bank: Over the past few years, my job has transitioned from a lot of computer time to on-the-go meetings so I tackle the vast majority of my emails on my phone, which means my phone dies frequently throughout the day. This power bank is the chicest way to ensure I'm never without my phone while on the go. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.