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Hey Guys, We Need to Talk

This has been a long time coming...
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This has been a long time coming, but here it goes.

In light of Super Tuesday last week and some of the Stories I shared, I’ve been thinking of the larger community of cupcakes and cashmere and the ways in which we've ignored or shied away from—or, if I'm being truly frank, have avoided—talking about some issues because I'm afraid I'll get them wrong. 

And while I’m still nervous, I’m ready to take the next step.

Our brand has always been about authenticity and vulnerability, and for a long time, we haven’t been writing about the broad range of important topics we discuss most in our office and encounter every single day.

Look, it’s 2020 and we can’t just sit by. This will always be a site first and foremost that entertains and inspires, but this can also be a space where we all learn and grow and elevate other voices. We should all make room in our lives to learn more. We’re living in a very different time and I’m never going to stop celebrating the small moments—you will see Boomerangs of me drinking Champagne until I’m 100—but there are other things in our lives we want to talk about. 

cupcakes and cashmere started as a blog that was solely about me and my life, but it has since expanded in so many ways: from the topics I’ve touched on, to my family, to the team, and beyond. And with that growth comes the need for some serious change.

After talking about this on Stories, it made me realize I’m not the only one who wants to learn more but feels terrified to make mistakes along the way. As a team and a media outlet, we have an obligation to be talking about issues that matter, alongside entertaining you and testing the best lipstick. We’re living in a challenging time and want to address some of the questions we’ve all had in 2020, and I want to take you along for that journey. 

It goes without saying: We are not perfect and mistakes are going to happen. But that’s not an excuse to not say anything. We want to be asking more questions, speaking to people within this incredible community, and lifting each other up, educating ourselves, and finding ways that we can all do better. 

I’ve been doing this for 12 years, and the world has changed, I have changed, and this blog has changed. I acknowledge the privilege I have of not only being a white woman, but a white woman who has a platform that could be an agent for some change. But I’ve still doubted that I’m qualified to have these discussions or bring them to light in even some small way. Instead of questioning whether I should talk about these topics given my privilege, it made me realize it’s the exact reason I should be talking about them. And that’s why I’m asking you: Who are the voices that need to be heard? What are the topics that can no longer be ignored? How can we continue to build a community where we all belong and grow? 

I’m providing the platform, but you’ll be steering the ship. The feedback has already been overwhelming (see more below!), and the fact that you’re engaged and noticing what we’re doing makes it clear that you’re here for this, interested in learning more and helping us along the way. So, here we go: Let's educate ourselves together.

I want to let you know I hear you. I spent the entire day last Wednesday personally reading each and every one of your submissions to the Question form on my Stories and DMs. Some of the feedback I got was to make sure this doesn’t become too politically charged or one-sided and I wanted to assure you: Whenever possible, we promise to show both sides.

Again, you are guiding this conversation, so I wanted to share with you the top topics you wrote into my Stories about. I'm not sure yet which topic we're going to dive into first, with the help of this community and the experts you introduce us to, but take a look at this list (in no particular order), pulled directly from your DMs. I cannot wait for these conversations and I hope you feel equally passionate too: 

1. Environmental awareness and sustainability 
2. Diversity and race relations (specifically institutional racism/how to be an ally) 
3. Body inclusivity and diversity 
4. Mental health
5. Miscarriage and infertility 
6. Women in politics (and how to get more in politics)
7. Unpacking white feminism
8. Women’s health and reproductive rights
9. Criminal justice reform 
10. Equitable access to food
11. Vaccinations 
12. Gun violence
13. LGBTQ rights
14. Consent and the #Metoo movement

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.