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Here's Why Leslie Spends Every Sunday Doing the Exact Same Routine

And how she recharges for her hectic weeks.

As much as I love my hectic weeks, I also need my Sundays to recharge and prepare for them. If my weekdays are over-packed with responsibilities and dates with friends, my Sundays are the opposite. They're care-free, simple, and enjoyable—and almost always the same. The idea is that I clear my schedule from all responsibilities, even enjoyable ones like meeting up with friends, so that my day is truly free to do the things I love. There's nothing particularly surprising or unique about my Sunday routine, but I'm sharing it in the hopes that it inspires you to borrow (or even copy) elements of it to make yours even sweeter. Plus, I'm always curious to learn about people's weekend routines, and I'm guessing you are too! Here's how I spend my Sundays preparing and relaxing for the week ahead:

O-M Ceramics Mug, Year & Day Plates, Vintage Cutlery, Serena and Lily Cloth Napkin (similar here)

O-M Ceramics Mug, Year & Day Plates, Vintage Cutlery, Serena and Lily Cloth Napkin (similar here)

7:00 AM Wake up and make breakfast and coffee. I've had severe insomnia my entire life, and one of the things that helps most is going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. I try to wake up on the weekend within an hour of when I do on weekdays, then make myself a cup of "Bulletproof coffee" and my daily breakfast (eggs and spinach cooked in coconut oil), then write or read while Jonah sleeps in.

8:00 AM Get ready for the day. On the weekend, I keep my routine super simple and rarely wear makeup but stick to my skincare routine. I'll usually throw on some serum, Kari Gran SPF, and this primer from Juice Beauty, which makes me feel pretty without needing any additional coverup. My hair goes up in a messy ponytail—it'll get messed-up by my bike helmet anyways... 


8:30 AM Bike to La Colombe in Frogtown. Jonah and I usually spend our Sundays together, but this morning he joined a friend for a hike and I biked the few miles to my favorite place to start a Sunday, the La Colombe in Frogtown. I always treat myself to a whole milk latte and almond croissant, then take a seat outside with the Sunday New York Times or a book (this week I read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, since I've heard so many good things about it, and loved it!). I like arriving before the morning rush, which starts around 9:30 AM, when the neighborhood's still waking up. 

My favorite view

My favorite view

10:30 AM Bike along the L.A. river to the farmers market. The bike path starts right outside of La Colombe and leads almost directly to the Atwater Village Farmers Market, where I pick up pickled radishes from a Korean stand (I use them to dress-up leftovers during the week, but sauerkraut is a great alternative) and any produce that looks particularly good. While I do the majority of my shopping at traditional grocery stores, I've been trying to buy more produce, like spinach, at the farmers market to cut down on single-use plastic (if only it were more budget-friendly too!).  

Pssst... Read my tips for biking and bike commuting here!


11:00 AM Bike the long way home, via my compost drop-off. Biking is my favorite form of "self care," so I take my time riding home. I usually bike around Griffith Park, past my neighborhood compost facility (you can find yours in L.A. via L.A. Compost!), before heading back home. 

At Cookbook, a store in Echo Park that sells my favorite sandwiches in L.A.

At Cookbook, a store in Echo Park that sells my favorite sandwiches in L.A.

1:00 PM Go grocery and lunch shopping. As soon as I get home, I hop in my car to grab groceries, which are just out of biking distance. I always grab staples for the week—eggs, bananas, a rotisserie chicken—and any additional ingredients I need for dinner that night and the week. On my way home, I pick up a sandwich from Cookbook, a gourmet grocery store in Echo Park that sells delicious seasonal sandwiches that rotate daily (plus amazing cookies I don't think I've ever successfully resisted). 


2:00 PM Put away groceries then eat lunch outside. After putting away and prepping groceries, I sit down to eat lunch. Sometimes I eat solo, doing my best Julia Roberts "art of doing nothing" impression with a book, but last week I joined Jonah outside, which turned into an hours' long hangout with our neighbors. As a rule of thumb, I try to not make set plans with anyone on Sunday so that I have one day a week that's wide-open, but this also means I'm open to spending time with friends when the opportunity naturally arises! This Sunday, friends of ours texted to say they were walking by our house and asked if we were home. Their timing couldn't have been better, and we ended up spending the afternoon with them!

4:00 PM Start dinner prep. I begin dinner prep ridiculously early on Sundays, to help kick "the scaries," since there's nothing worse than finishing dinner and realizing it's already bedtime and the weekend is over. Womp. Jonah and I usually put on a podcast or music and take our time cooking. It's one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon!

5:00 PM Eat dinner. This past Sunday, we made Sarah Britton's Run Wild Spring Rolls (which I originally wrote about here). They're one of my favorite Sunday meals since they're delicious and turn into amazing leftovers—last night, we ate the slaw and radish salsa over rice and black beans with an avocado! Bonus: They don't require any cooking, just lots of chopping.


6:30 PM Clean up. After dinner, Jonah and take our time cleaning and making sure the kitchen, and rest of the house, is completely clean and ready for the week. Jonah will usually do the dishes while I pack our lunches for the next day and "zhuzh" the house, which can include doing a quick vacuum, tidying, and folding laundry. 


7:00 PM Read. It's nearly impossible to find time to read during the week, so I really like to take advantage of the weekends to carve out an hour here and an hour there. I often find myself finishing a book by the end of the day, something that could never happen on a weekday!


7:45 PM Play a game or watch a show, with dessert. Jonah usually bakes a pie while I'm cooking (there are a lot of things I love about him, but pie skills are definitely near the top...), so we'll cut a slice and settle in to play a game like The Hive or Lost Cities, or watch a show. This week, we opted for Game of Thrones (duh).

9:00 PM Get ready for bed. I always start getting ready for bed at least an hour before I need to go to sleep to begin settling down for the night (another trick for battling insomnia). I double-wash my face, with oil then with a cleanser, then use a toner, retinol gel, and some really good face lotion like Tata Harper's, then get into bed with my book to start Monday ready and refreshed!

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.