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Here's What My Morning Routine Really Looks Like

How G and I get ourselves and Sloan out the door each day.
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While it's so easy and fun to capture the little vignettes of my morning, I rarely share what it actually looks like for me—which is often a bit more chaotic, but also more joyful, than a few Instagram Stories can convey. Yesterday, on Tuesday, I captured my morning in Stories (saved to Highlights here) and in writing to share what a morning actually looks like for me... x 

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Most mornings, I wake up naturally between 5:30 and 6. My "alarm" either consists of a cat on my chest (as it did this morning) or Sloan singing loudly from our room to "accidentally" wake us up. I typically go to bed no later than 10, and the night before I'd fallen asleep by 9:30. The key is consistency. As parents, we don't get to simply "catch up on sleep" the night before, so my goal is always to give myself at least the opportunity to sleep 8 hours.

As soon as I'm awake, I go into my bathroom, throw up my hair, splash water on my face, and do my morning skincare routine so it has time to set in and dry while I go about my morning. The products I use vary, but I'm currently using Thayer's Rose Toner. I've never consistently used a toner in my life because I assumed they were formulated primarily for people with acne-prone skin, which mine is not. But a facialist recently corrected my assumption and told me that within one week of using it, I'll see a difference in my skin. 

The other misconception she corrected is that you have to apply it with a cotton pad, but she told me to put half a teaspoon in my hand and press it into my skin as I would an oil. It's only been a week, but it feels good already! Afterward, I follow up with a serum (currently using Caudalie Radiance Serum) and Supergoop SPF Lotion and their hydrating eye cream.

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Sloan has a very good sense of hearing so the minute she hears the sink on, she arrives into my bathroom. On this particular morning, she came in really frustrated that she couldn't button-up the back of her dress. There was no way she could have reached the buttons, but as a 5-year-old, she's frustrated by anything she can't do herself.


Normally I'm very cognizant of not documenting those moments on social media, number one out of respect for her and number two because my job is first and foremost to guide her, support her, and help her in times she struggling. Documenting it is the last thing she needs, but I also think it's important to share that she is not always smiling and happy. I decided to keep it in Stories this time because it's real and also demonstrates one of my favorite tips we use when she feels frustrated: We tell her to squeeze my hand or arm as tight as she can, instead of lashing out with a tantrum or in some other way. By encouraging her to squeeze my hand and give me a hug, I was able to complete getting her dressed. 


For her birthday, she received two new hair accessories, so I gave her pigtails and she ran off to choose the bow, then made my way over to our guest room / Cat Chalet to fill up Luna's water. She's a diva and if it's even an inch below the rim, she gets annoyed. I cleaned the kitty litter, which we do multiple times a day because I never want anyone to step into our home and be tipped off by the smell that we have three cats...

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The first thing I do downstairs each morning is turn our gas fireplace on. It's an extra step but sets the tone for having a (somewhat) luxurious morning, plus it heats the place and gives off a nice cozy vibe.


After feeding the cats their wet food, Sloan helps herself to a bowl of cereal, while I simultaneously begin making myself and Geoffrey coffee and her lunch. Most mornings, I skip breakfast entirely. It's not technically Intermittent Fasting because I have milk with my coffee, but I'm just generally not hungry when I wake up. On mornings when I feel like I need something, I generally grab a scone on my way to work or have a cookie with my coffee. (This morning, I ate one of Jess's Seven-Layer Bars with a second cup of coffee as soon as I arrived at the office.) 


This is easily the most chaotic part of my morning because I'm balancing so many things. I'm grabbing vitamins for Sloan, running upstairs with coffee for G (we switch off getting Sloan ready in the morning), and making sure I'm ready for my day. 

Generally, the same person who's bringing her to school that day gets her ready, but it's not always that simple. There are a ton of checklist items when it comes to getting a kid out the door, like making sure she put on underwear, combed her hair, and brushed her teeth. It can sometimes feel like a comedy bit as G and I switch off managing whatever needs to get done in that morning. On days when I bring her to school, we leave the house by 7:45 AM since we have a much longer commute now. 

While G finished off getting Sloan ready, I tackled the kitchen. The night before, we had left it a huge mess which is one of my bigger pet peeves because it means starting the morning off on the wrong foot (even Sloan mentioned it didn't smell great in there...) so I cleaned while Sloan requested the song I sing to her each night over and over on the Alexa ('Hurricane' by Mindy Smith). 

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Because G and Sloan got out the door early this morning, I had some time to sit down with my cold coffee to get some work done. I go through DMs, review posts, and answer emails. This is also the time of day when I speak to both of my parents. I usually Facetime with my dad in the morning because he's retired now and speak to my mom on her way to work. Afterward, I go into the living room with our fireplace.


I try to do some stretching every morning because I have chronic neck issues. If I'm being honest, it doesn't happen every morning, but I really try to. Then, I always make some sort of list before I start my day. Sometimes it's a lengthy list of work to-dos I'll keep by my computer, but this morning I just had to jot down a few things I couldn't forget to bring with me to work yesterday: my cake and Geoffrey's chicken for our office potluck, my workout clothes for that evening's February Fitness class at Platefit, and Sloan's things for ballet. 

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Around 8, I realized I had some time leftover to tackle something on my to-do list: the PR packages that had arrived. The process of opening them, filming, breaking down boxes to recycle and putting everything into piles of things to donate, give to friends, or use myself, takes a lot of time. This is not meant as a complaint by any means, but I do have to consciously set aside time to dedicate to it. 

After it's done, I head upstairs. When I'm not filming something for social, I'll usually listen to music or a podcast while getting dressed and putting on makeup (this morning I listened to Dax Shepard interviewing Will Arnett on 'Armchair Expert' in the brief moments between recording!). 

One of my favorite things in our new bathroom is that there's a vanity where I can open a drawer and sit down while applying my makeup. It's such a luxury and while we're going to be re-doing our entire master bathroom soon, I've decided it's a component I want to incorporate. (I'll be posting an updated daytime makeup tutorial soon!)

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This morning, I had planned to pack my workout things, but took a quick glimpse at my calendar and realized I had all internal meetings, so I decided to just wear the leggings Blank Label Active gifted our team for Platefit to the office. 

I check my email one more time before heading out the door, gather everything I need for the day and generally head out the door between 7:45 AM or as late as 9:45 AM, if I have work I want to finish before arriving in the office. This morning, I was out the door by 8:30 AM and on my way!

The Great Sweatsuit (top and bottom in white)

The Great Sweatsuit (top and bottom in white)


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.