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Get Ready With Me: What Leslie's Morning Routine Looks Like

A productive early bird routine full of "self care."
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Morning is easily my favorite time of day. The hours between 6 AM and 9 AM are when I'm my most relaxed but also most productive, which is why I often use those hours to read and work on personal projects before the day officially starts. There's nothing particularly glamorous about my mornings—this is not one of those "hot water and lemon" routines—but, at the very least, I hope it provides you with some inspiration to make the most of the early hours. Here's how I use the morning to ease into my day:


6:00 AM Wake up and make coffee: I start my coffee machine and clean while it brews—I do any remaining dishes that have been soaking overnight, tidy the living room, and create a to-do list. Lately, I've been using every Monday morning to write down three larger personal goals for the week, and break them down by day so that I can jump right in as soon as I have my coffee. When I'm not recording my morning for a post (hello!) I don't pick up my phone until 9 AM which helps keep me focused, and honestly, happier!


6:15 AM Read with coffee: Once brewed, I blend my coffee with butter ("Bulletproof coffee") and take it to my favorite spot in our apartment, my reading chair from Lulu and Georgia, and open the window for Meesh. She watches squirrels while I have my first few sips of coffee and read. Felt appropriate that I'm currently in the middle of Early Riser by Jasper Fjorde!


6:30 AM Write: At this point, I'll either continue reading if I'm in the mood, or work on a personal project! This can include everything from the mundane (reorganizing the pantry) to the educational (I've been taking this online course), but I usually spend it writing fiction. Personally, I find that writing is essential to feeling creative and energized, and is "self care" in the same way sitting in a bath with a face mask is for others. Jonah usually joins me at the dining table when he starts work at 7:30. 


8:15 AM Get dressed and skincare: My "skincare routine" is about as basic as it could possibly be these days. In the morning, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser (recently that's been Dr. Loretta Gentle Hydrating Cleanser), then apply a serum. I have products I'm loyal to, but also make a point of regularly testing new products (a vital part of my job is being able to make genuine recommendations to you!). For the past two weeks, I've been using Daily Hydro Drops, sent to me by the brand OBAGI. At this point, I'm not sold on them. While they make my skin glowy, the consistency is stickier than I'd like and the little B3 balls don't always absorb, so I'm sometimes left with orange dots on my face. Luckily, many of the people in my apartment building happen to be women close to my age, so when I don't love a product enough to finish it, I text our group to see if they'd like it—the answer is almost always "Yes!" (Of course, this only applies to products that have an applicator, so the product isn't impacted by use!) I always finish with sunscreen—lately, I've been using Dr. Loretta's Urban Antioxidant Sunscreen


8:30 AM Ease into work: I like to hop onto my laptop in my "office" before our team is online, to ease into things. I usually use this time to check email (I often have a few from Jess, who's a night owl) and blog comments, as well as organize my to-do list for the day. And yes, it takes me about three hours to finish my coffee... always has

Heather Taylor Home Napkin, Year&Day Bowl, Vintage Cutlery

Heather Taylor Home Napkin, Year&Day Bowl, Vintage Cutlery

9:00 AM Make breakfast and start work: I'm a creature of habit and have the same thing for breakfast every single morning, three eggs over-easy with spinach. Since my emails have been managed, I always work on something I'm not looking forward to, so that it doesn't loom for hours! And that's it—from there, I'm ready to dive into my day. 

After forgetting to capture my morning three days in a row because of morning brain, here's the reminder I left on my coffee maker... thankfully, it worked!

After forgetting to capture my morning three days in a row because of morning brain, here's the reminder I left on my coffee maker... thankfully, it worked!

P.S. Emily shared her morning routine here!

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links