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Everything Our Team Loved in August

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

ialuset Crème: When we went to France last month, I had a list of must-buy beauty products to search for anytime I passed by a pharmacy. At the very top was ialuset Crème, an impossibly thick lotion made with hyaluronic acid, that one of my friends swears "acts like a filler." After trying it for myself, I can attest that it's remarkably hydrating in a way my other moisturizers simply can't compete with. I put it on as the last step in my nighttime routine and wake up with visibly dewier, ever-so-slightly plumped skin. Best news: it's affordable AND you can buy it online so I no longer have to panic about hoarding tubes next time I'm in France.


Asymmetrical Mirror: While our main bathroom and powder room are some of my favorite spaces in our home, our guest bathroom is...less than inspired. In fact, up until recently, I'd completely ignored the area since anything less than a full renovation felt insubstantial. Though we're probably years away from swapping out the cheap tiling and unfortunate sink and vanity area, I realized that even a few simple tweaks could make a big difference. After seeing this asymmetrical mirror in a recent Domino article (for $150!), I bought it on the spot and it's completely transformed the space. While we still have a ways to go until it's done, it's a good reminder that small changes do matter and I've since begun looking for new hardware as the next step!

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Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel: She's back, baby! Both me, with reading, and Emily St. John Mandel with an incredible new story. I read Station Eleven during the pandemic (woof) and loved it, but Sea of Tranquility is even better. A pandemic novel with the addition of time travel(!!), this short-ish book (255 pages) weaves all its characters together in such a beautiful way, and even brings back some characters from her previous novel, The Glass Hotel. A 9/10 from me and a great pick for the casual sci-fi lover.

Reformation Assunta Strappy Block Heel Mules: I had been eyeing these sandals for ages, so when the light, spring-y green color went on major sale in August, I knew I had to have them. They are super comfortable with the perfect low heel height, and I'm already plotting to buy another pair in a more neutral color.

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OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub: After months of perusing OUAI’s website, I finally made up my mind and ordered the Scalp & Body Scrub. I use this product a few times a week, and every time I reach for it in the shower, I feel like I’m treating myself. The texture is softer than a typical body scrub, but after a few minutes of working it into your scalp, it melts into a light and creamy consistency. Post-shower, my hair had never felt cleaner or fresher. Plus, the perfume-like scent lasted all day. I loved the whole experience so much, I immediately ordered the scrub in the limited edition “St. Barts” scent, which is just as incredible. I can’t recommend this product enough.

Chill Tips: Forget everything you think you know about press-on nails. I was 13 when I tried press-ons for the first time, and it was an absolute disaster. The nails were flimsy, comically large, and virtually impossible to put on. Not to mention, two of them flung off as soon as I tried to get dressed. Nothing could convince me to try press-ons again until my friend, who always had a fresh manicure, told me she swore by Chill Tips. As someone who loves a nice gel manicure, but doesn’t have the patience to sit at a salon for an hour and a half, this fifteen-minute manicure solution was perfect for me. There are plenty of sizes to ensure each press-on fits perfectly on your natural nails, and when applied correctly, Chill Tips can last up to two weeks. It was a little tricky to apply them at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an amazing way to give yourself a polished, gel-like manicure while saving time and money.

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The Five-Minute Journal: While I’ve tried journaling in the past, I’ve struggled to stay consistent, that is, until the ‘Five-Minute Journal’ came into my life. Comprised of short daily prompts, for both morning and evening reflection, this book has made journaling much more manageable for my lifestyle. Instead of staring at a blank page for who knows how long, the gratitude-focused prompts such as “What are you most excited about for the day” etc. help me to put my thoughts down in just minutes. And while this new ritual of mine only takes a few moments, I have already noticed the huge impact it’s made on my state of mind – I now go about my day with much more purpose and positivity.

Double-Walled Glass Coffee Mugs: Double panel glass mugs have been trending for quite some time (thanks to POOSH and Kourtney Kardashian), however, I only recently decided to give them a go. While I was initially nervous about them being too fragile, they’ve proven to be surprisingly durable thus far. And, as I suspected, they are very pretty, and not to mention incredibly lightweight. Thanks to my new transparent mugs, not only can I enjoy my morning matcha latte, but everyone else can see how beautiful it looks too.


House of The Dragon on HBO: I think there are two types of people in the world: those who watched (and loved) Game of Thrones and those who have never seen it. I am definitely a late bloomer to the beloved series. I watched GOT for the first time a few years ago, but I became a fan of it overnight. Now that this new prequel series has come out, it has quickly become something I look forward to on Sunday evenings. It’s the perfect cherry on top of the weekend and I get to watch it with a group of my closest friends. I have truly missed watching a series one episode at a time each week. I recommend watching it, but only if you have seen Game of Thrones first (that’s an absolute must see in my opinion!).

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf from Groundworks: This pastry goes down as one of my favorite coffee shop pastries of all time. I personally eat these all year round, but now that we are entering fall it is the perfect excuse to have them more often. If you are near a Groundworks Coffee in LA, definitely try this loaf to go with your cup of coffee. It has the perfect density, moistness and chocolate to bread ratio.

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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA: I bought the mini version almost as a tester for a night cream, and I'm very impressed. I struggle with naturally dry skin, so waking up with my skin feeling moisturized is a huge win for me. I love how inexpensive it is and that I am genuinely seeing a difference in my skin!

Cilantro Mexican Grill: If you're ever in North Hollywood, this tiny little gas station Mexican restaurant is a true hidden gem. I've driven by it every day since I started working at the new cupcakes warehouse but never gave it much thought, after all... gas station food cafes, we all know how that goes. However, thanks to G and Emily's raving reviews of their burrito, I thought I would give it a go and now I've eaten here three times in the past month. Every single burrito has been a 10/10 and I love that it comes with a really great sized burrito, seasoned chips, and an agua fresca for about $11-$16 (depending on the burrito you get). My recommendations so far have to be their breakfast burrito with bacon, the Caliente, and the Carne Asada Burrito.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.