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Every Single Item in Emily's Work Tote

A look inside my office essentials.
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When Leslie shared her work tote over the summer, it felt so appealing to get a (real!) peek into the contents of someone else's bag. Her bag gave such an accurate portrayal of everything going on in her life—contents included a map of Oregon, a tape measure for her move, her favorite snacks, and press slips for books—that I felt inspired to dig into my own. Let's just didn't go as planned. I decided to record exactly what I have in my tote without going through it first, and oh my god, why and how am I such a mess? Watch below for the exact contents of my tote—the good, the practical, and, yes, the messy: 

My work tote: I wrote about this after buying my bag, but after years of basic leather bags, I finally invested in a work tote I was proud of. It's the perfect size, has a top-handle and shoulder strap for convenience, and is such a statement with any outfit. 

Laptop: I take my laptop with me wherever I go in case I need to write a blog post or check my email while I'm out of office. I'm still asked all the time about the marble decal on it—details here

Shop piece: One of the best parts of running a Shop is having samples to wear any day of the week. I grabbed this amazing midi skirt to take home for this weekend, and I'll probably pair it with a white sweater and sneakers to celebrate the start of colder weather here. 

Wireless headphones: I try to remember to bring these in every day since I'm incapable of working without music.

Aleve: My neck pretty much hurts constantly, so I'm never without Aleve to relieve the pain. Maybe this heavy mess of a bag is contributing to the problem??

Ice Breakers mints: If you follow us on @shopcupcakesandcashmere, you know that we're constantly trying new snacks or Jess' baked goods. In other words, breath mints are an office necessity.

Cuyana bag: This monogrammed zip bag is currently filled with some of my most-worn jewelry, a stunning Jacquie Aiche lighter (for lighting candles wherever I am), a perfume sample for on-the-go spritzes, and pearl clips to elevate any basic outfit. 

Sunglasses: I always have one or two pairs in my bag. The first is my Celine glasses which I invested in a few months ago, and the other is an amazing pair of aviators that have the best gold accents. I'm the worst about keeping them in a case, but luckily neither of them have gotten scratched! 

Checks: I keep a few checkbooks on hand primarily for work and office expenses.

Jewelry samples: We're always reviewing new jewelry samples to potentially add to the Shop. After pulling inspiration and designing the look of the product, we wait until the pieces come in, and once they do, I like to keep them on me for a few days to test them out and live in them a bit. I've been keeping them in a Liberty London drawstring bag which has my favorite floral print of all time.

Pillbox for earring storage: I got this rainbow pillbox in Japan Town years ago, and it's the perfect solution for earring storage.

Sticker Club invite for SloanMy friend gave me this sticker club for Sloan, and I completely forgot to give it to her. Looks like someone is getting a great surprise tonight! 

Sloan's artwork: All parents know that at some point, some of your kid's artwork needs to be tossed. Clearly, this Spanish fruit coloring sheet did not make the cut for the fridge! 

Tampons: Needs no explanation, I hope?

Geoffrey's birthday candles: G's birthday is in September, so naturally I still have his birthday candles in my purse in November. 

Random receipts: I really respect people who neatly put receipts in their wallet. I clearly do not subscribe to this method. 

Origins Lipstick in Peach Petal: This is one of my go-to lipstick shades during the workweek. It's hydrating and subtle, with a tiny sheer gloss. 

Nars Multi-Use Gloss in Redemption: I love having a multi-use product with me when I'm out and about. This works as a lip gloss, but I use it even more frequently on my eyes when I want to add a pop of shimmer! 

Aaaaand that's it. I also carry a smaller purse with the essentials like my phone, wallet, and phone charger, but this is what I bring to and from the office daily! 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.