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Every Single Essential, Random, and Embarrassing Item in Leslie's Bag Right Now (Plus the Tote She's Obsessed With)

What, you don't keep a tape measure in your purse at all times?
Dagne Dover Tote, Stumptown Coffee Roasters Thermos (similar here), Wild Friends Nut Butter, Ursa Major Face Wipes, Pearl, Tortoise, and Geometric Hair Clips

Dagne Dover Tote, Stumptown Coffee Roasters Thermos (similar here), Wild Friends Nut ButterUrsa Major Face WipesPearl, Tortoise, and Geometric Hair Clips

I carry my entire life in my bag. If someone stole my purse tomorrow, they would know who I'm voting for, my hometown, and where I attended college (thanks to my keychain and ID), that I'm moving into an apartment, just visited Portland, Oregon, have a small obsession with barrettes, and an addiction to cashew butter. Soooo, basically everything you need to know about me. But you don't even need to mug me to know what's in my purse! Not that anyone's ever mugged someone out of unbridled curiosity... Anyways! When I shared the contents of my bag on @shopcupcakesandcashmere earlier this week, I received sooo many questions on everything I keep in it—and I'm more than happy to share! I shared links to every single item in my purse below:

Dagne Dover Tote, Sezane Wallet (similar here), Tape Measure & Packing Tape, Sunglasses with Birds of New Zealand Case (similar here), Ursa Major Face Wipes, Water Bottle (similar here), Flint Lint Roller, Wild Friends Nut Butter, Madewell Passport Case, Pearl, Tortoise, and Geometric Hair Clips, Sugar Paper Notebook, Beats Headphones

Dagne Dover Tote, Sezane Wallet (similar here), Tape Measure & Packing TapeSunglasses with Birds of New Zealand Case (similar here), Ursa Major Face Wipes, Water Bottle (similar here), Flint Lint RollerWild Friends Nut ButterMadewell Passport CasePearl, Tortoise, and Geometric Hair Clips, Sugar Paper NotebookBeats Headphones

Links order of appearance in the IGTV, plus a few items I photographed in my purse yesterday:

Dagne Dover Tote (I own 'medium,' but 'large' is available here): I got my Dagne Dover bag in May, and it quickly became the only tote I use to and from work. The size and pockets are perfect, and I'm amazed at how durable it is. I don't treat it exactly kindly, and it shows literally zero wear and tear after three months of heavy use. I place my laptop in the 13" sleeve, books and magazines (which I cart around to work to review for The List) in the tablet sleeve, and use the pockets to keep the insane number of items in my purse organized and easily accessible. 

Sezane Wallet (similar here): On Jonah and my trip to Paris in 2017, I planned to purchase a purse at Sezane, but ended up falling in love with this wallet instead. I'll be using it until it falls apart—it's the perfect size, design, and shape. 

Tape Measure & Packing Tape: I'm moving this week! I got the keys to our apartment on Wednesday, so I stopped by with a tape measure to scope out which furniture can fit. P.S., I've been covering the boxed madness in this Highlight.

Sunglasses with Birds of New Zealand Case (similar here): Anytime I go on a big trip, I try to bring home a souvenir I'll use everyday or at least regularly. When a girlfriend and I road-tripped around New Zealand in 2015, sleeping in the front seat of a car and skinny dipping in Coromandel, I bought this birds of New Zealand glasses case. It still makes me smile and reminds me of that crazy, chaotic trip. 

Ursa Major Face Wipes, Reusable Straw, Sezane Wallet (similar here), Sunglasses with Birds of New Zealand Case (similar here), Beats Headphones, Wild Friends Nut Butter

Ursa Major Face WipesReusable Straw, Sezane Wallet (similar here), Sunglasses with Birds of New Zealand Case (similar here), Beats HeadphonesWild Friends Nut Butter

Water Bottle (similar here): I always, always have a reusable water bottle with me. I drink an insane amount of water (like a full water bottle every thirty minutes), but refuse to buy plastic bottles. My very favorite water bottle is this bottle from LARQ, but it's somewhere in the bottom of a box right now... so I've been using a Hydroflask and an old one from Sweaty Betty. 

Reusable Straw: I always keep this "liberal" reusable straw in my bag. ;) 

Various Documents: Okay so all the good I do with reusable stuff is probably offset by my penchant for paper, but I promise I recycle! A few things that are always in my bag include PR Slips (publishers send books before they're published to press, and these slips remind me to read them so I can review them for The List!), newspaper clippings (Jonah's mom gave me this article over the weekend), and a map of Oregon and car rental receipt from my recent trip there. I also frequent magazine stands in L.A. (my favorites are on Larchmont next to GGET and Kosher News off of Fairfax) for inspiration for items I want to look into for The List. Anytime I'm finished reading a magazine, I'll bring it into the office to look up the things I thought were worth writing about. This week, I brought in 91 Magazine, a fantastic interior design publication from the UK. I also keep a hardcover notebook from Sugar Paper on hand. 

Tampons: I rarely get my period after getting an IUD (TMI? Or not enough?), but after a friend told me a horrifying/hilarious story about a particularly bad leaking situation, I've started carrying tampons with me everywhere again. No chances taken. I'm planning on switching over to a menstrual cup soon, but I impulse-purchased a box of about 15 million tampons at Costco two years ago and I'm still making my way through my supplies. 

Random Pens: I am never without a pen, including one I took (read: stole) at Ava Gene's last weekend and another from The Nomad I took (stole) years ago. At least I keep them and use them forever? I'm sorry. 

Wild Friends Nut Butter: I discovered Wild Friends nut butter earlier this year and am so glad I did. While I use their jars at home and in the office now, I keep packets in my purse in place of power bars because they're healthier and have more fat (i.e., they keep you fuller longer!). I even met one of the two women co-founders for coffee when I was in Portland last weekend (we connected after I wrote about them in The List, turns out they're cupcakes and cashmere readers!!). She was as cool/badass/great as I imagined she'd be. Erika and her co-founder Keeley have truly built a brand worth supporting. Yay female founders! Yay c&c readers! 

Ursa Major Face Wipes and Recess Face Wipes: If I don't shower within an hour after a sweaty workout, I break out like crazy. I keep these wipes in my purse and car to wipe-off my face if I'm not able to shower right away. 

Bag of Essentials: I keep a small bag (purchased in Paris from Mila Louise) which includes some eye drops (I wear contacts), my favorite tinted lip balm, band-aids, hair ties, and tampons.

Flint Lint Roller: Any animal owner knows lint rollers are a must and this retractable one comes in handy All. The. Time. I even used it this weekend after a restaurant I visited had crazy linty napkins. See you later, lint!

Phone: I have an iPhone X, and was gifted a black pebbled phone case from The Daily Edited, along with the rest of our team. You can see an image of all the cases our team got here!

Beats Headphones and Apple Headphones: I keep my Beats in my purse at all times, since I often go on walk breaks from the office and like to listen to podcasts when I do. They're also my favorite headphones to run with! I keep Apple headphones on hand just in case I forget to charge my Beats!

On-the-go beauty products: I keep items in my purse anytime I need an on-the-go touch up or zhoosh - lipstick (Mac 'Diva'), hair clips (PearlTortoise, and Geometric), red fringe earrings (similar here), and Madewell gold earrings.

Keys: After I left my keys in Emily and Geoffrey's car, they began referring to them as my "janitor keys." Which is fair. I have about twenty keys on my key ring even though I only use about two of them—but this is by design! I lose them all the time, so want them to be as large as possible. I also keep a Tile on my keys (and in my wallet and on my Beats headphones), so I can find them any time I lose them. Best $40 I've ever spent. 

Zoe Organics Skin Balm: This balm is a life-saver. I put it on my lips, cheeks, and the back of my hands. It keeps my skin healthy and hydrated!

Madewell Passport Case and Jewelry: Since I'm moving, I kept my most valuable possessions, my great-great-great grandmother's ring and my passport, on me all week until I could safely deposit them in a secure spot. 

Outfit Details from IGTV: Cupcakes and Cashmere Blazer, Madewell Tee, MOTHER Denim, Cupcakes and Cashmere Slides (on sale!), Velvet Hair Bow


P.S. Several of you asked about my desk mat in the IGTV! It's from Amazon. I bought the 31.5" x 15.7" size!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.