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The Best TV Shows and Movies We've Been Watching Lately

Our thoughts on everything from Top Gun: Maverick to The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Summer is almost over, and we're getting prepped and ready to cozy up in a sweatsuit with all the good snacks and some Netflix. We rounded up all the best TV shows and movies our team has been watching lately if you're looking for some inspiration on the best things to watch right now.


The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video: I watched this on my own when I was lifting weights before we left for France and I have to say– it's quite cute. I never got into the book, but found the TV show to be fluffy, fun, and a nostalgic look at a teenage girl's best summer. – Emily

Couples Therapy on SHOWTIME: During my last trip to LA, Jess got me absolutely hooked on this show, so I blame her entirely for the SHOWTIME subscription I don't need but will eventually get just to watch Season 3, which just came out in May. The show follows ultra-likeable psychologist, Dr. Orna Guralnik, who helps real couples sort through their issues while we get to watch. Technically it's a reality show, but with real, regular people who aren't looking for fame or competing for a grand prize. One of the most raw, compelling things I've ever seen. – Kelly

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty on HBO: When my husband asked me if I wanted to watch this show with him, I brushed it off and told him he could watch it without me. After ten minutes of intense eavesdropping the first episode from my desk, I was hooked and told him I needed to watch it with him. I unexpectedly LOVED this show and we binged the whole series in a few days. If you loved the The People v. O. J. Simpson on Netflix, you will love this one! – Jayme

I don't know much about the Lakers, but I am definitely a sports fan. When I heard the buzz around this show, I thought I would give it a go, and ended up binging it over a single weekend. As a film/TV buff, the first thing that stood out to me was the cinematography. I loved how stylistically this was shot to mimic a mix of old school home videos and 8mm film. The acting and writing were stellar and although I am not from LA, seeing the rise of the Lakers made me feel more proud of this city that I so fondly now call home. – Shobi 

Love Island UK, Season 8 on Hulu: Since we no longer have The Bachelor franchise to turn to for mindless television (we exclusively watch Bachelor in Paradise these days), we were in need of something new and similarly simple. Love Island is exactly what you want at the end of a long day and G and I enjoy watching it as much as we do learning new British slang. – Emily

The Time Traveler's Wife on HBO: Okay, this show is admittedly bananas. It's not exactly good (it didn't get renewed for a Season 2) but I kind of couldn't look away?? I actually prefer this version to the movie and possibly even the book, even though it's completely bonkers. Theo James and Rose Leslie both do a killer job in this strange fantasy about a man who travels through time whenever he gets stressed or anxious. It has extremely dark, serious moments, as well as shocking, funny, and lighthearted ones as well. I find myself longing for another season I'll unfortunately never get. – Kelly

Midnight Mass on Netflix: I'm sure everyone has already seen this, but I'm just now catching up. Religion and vampires...? Sign me up! – Alyssa

FBoy Island on HBO: It's remarkable how much better FBoy Island is than The Bachelor/ette in recent seasons. Brought to us by former Bachelor producer Elan Gale, FBoy Island doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's a good thing. Imagine The Bachelorette as a comedy, with a female comedian as the host (Nikki Glaser). While I don't think FBoy Island truly intends to help people find love, it is pure, hilarious entertainment. My boyfriend and I cancelled plans to watch the Season 2 finale the day it came out, and that's how you know we're addicted. – Kelly

The White Lotus on HBO: All I can say is this is a MUST watch if you like dark comedy. Go into it not knowing anything at all, and you will have a great time. – Jayme

The Bear on Hulu: It's not often you come across a TV series boasting a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but in this case, it's well earned. G and I binged the entire series in one night, something we haven't done since before Sloan was born, but it was worth feeling extra groggy the next morning. It follows a world-renowned chef, who's left a career in fine dining, to run his family-owned sandwich shop. Everything from the dynamics among the chefs, to such a gritty, real life portrayal of a restaurant kitchen, and the food they prepare that you'd do anything to taste, is impactful, incredibly shot, and has you rooting for just about everyone by the end. – Emily

Foundation on Apple TV+: Foundation by Isaac Asimov is one of my favorite novels, and one of the "greats" of early science fiction. I haven't finished the first season yet, but this stunning interpretation of this classic sci-fi story is so far extremely compelling. It stars a self-taught young math genuis, Gaal, who wins a contest to work with the great Hari Seldon, a math professor who invents psycohistory, which is a science that allows him to predict the future. When he predicts the downfall of the Galactic Empire and a 30,000 year dark age for humanity, he and Gaal are exiled and embark on a mission to create a book of knowledge that will shorten the dark age to a single millennium. I've heard it's being called "Game of Thrones, but in space" which I'm not sure I agree with yet, but obviously that's reason enough to give it a shot! – Kelly

Julia on HBO: This is one of those shows I watched by myself during my “me” time while I was on maternity leave, and it was an absolute delight. I'm obsessed with Julia Child and her childlike joy and contagious spirit. – Jayme

Animal Kingdom on TNT: This show isn't actually about animals, it's an intense criminal family drama starring Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman. I just finished the fifth season, and the sixth (and final) season is currently airing. I loved the first couple of seasons the most. It will always have a small place in my heart because most of the show is filmed in Oceanside right in the area where I live! – Alyssa


Top Gun: Maverick (2022): I'd seen the original Top Gun years ago, but I wasn't what you'd call a die hard fan of the movie. So when three of my friends, who have the original imprinted in their memory, suggested we go together, I was unsure if I'd be as enthusiastic as them. Turns out, it is the quintessential blockbuster and Tom Cruise still delivers, even as he pushes 60. – Emily

Elvis (2022): Baz Luhrmann might be a lot to take in at times, but I have always loved his style and appreciate his unapologetic grandeur. Going into Elvis I was already prepared to experience the 'King of Rock' in a way that was theatrical and dramatic. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how immersed I was in the world. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely over the top in vision (not a bad thing) but I wasn't expecting to feel such a deep human connection to Elvis and even Colonel Tom Parker, his talent manager. Whether you're a long time fan of Elvis and his music or you know absolutely nothing about the voice that changed a generation, this movie was entertaining, emotional and eye-opening. – Shobi

The Batman (2022): I'm not a huge Batman gal, but give me Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and I'm obviously watching. Our team was really divided on this movie (it's LONG), but I actually kind of loved it. This take on Bruce Wayne as a depressed recluse made so much sense to me. The use of Nirvana in the soundtrack really hits. – Kelly

The Voyeurs (2021): This thriller was soooo good. Starts off slow, but has a huge twist at the end that just makes your jaw drop! – Alyssa

The Sea Beast (2022): I love a good animation feature, and I don't think I will ever grow out of it. When I saw the billboard for Sea Beast I knew I wanted to watch it when it was released on Netflix. Running along a similar vein to How To Train Your Dragon, Sea Beast was definitely a fun fresh take on the man vs. beast vs. befriending beast age-old tale. The protagonists and their goals I thought were refreshing, and for the first time I really noticed a heavily diverse cast of characters that all seemed like they were well placed and not designed for the sake of cultural inclusivity. I also love that it presented the idea of a new family dynamic, one that shows us that sometimes family is not always who we are born with, it's who we do life with. – Shobi

Blade Runner 2049 (2017): This is obviously a few years old, but I think it's really underrated. In an absence of good sci-fi films this year (Moonfall was embarrassing at best), I've been revisiting a lot of old movies, and this Ryan Gosling led sci-fi/action/thriller/mystery came out on top. I even downloaded Joi's start-up tone onto my boyfriend's phone and set it as his new text tone as a surprise. He said it was the best $1.29 I have ever spent. – Kelly

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.