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A Tip for Managing Anxiety (And Addressing It Head-On)

What's your number?
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A couple of days ago, I shared a tip on my Instagram for conquering anxiety that I feel so strongly about, I want to reiterate it here. It's something I've being doing for years but has become invaluable to me, especially during this time, when we're all more prone to anxiety and even anxiety attacks. 

The idea is simple: You use a scale from 1 to 10 to take note of your anxiety level as a way to touch base with yourself. It allows you to take note of where you are, so you can either do something productive to abate your anxiety or acknowledge your improvement.

My best friend Cristina and I have been sharing our numbers at the beginning and end of each of our many daily Facetime calls as a way to check in with the other. When I asked her recently where she was, she replied, "Oh, a cool 11." By the end of the call, though, she was a 9. One of the difficulties with high anxiety is that when you're at a 10, you're deceived into thing that's what's normal, and that you've never not been at a 10. But if you have regular check-ins, it's easier to remind yourself you were at a 9 or even a 6 earlier in the day. Sure, a 9 may not sound great, but it's worth appreciating if you were at a 10 the day before. It doesn't mean you're now anxiety-free, but putting a number to it is a way to acknowledge progress!

Just as important as acknowledging the moments you're at high anxiety is, is acknowledging the moments you're not. I don't think I'm alone when I say that my anxiety really peaks in the evenings, so I called Cristina the other day in the morning to let her know I was at a 2. Those moments may be few and far between right now—I've already been at every number from a 3 to an 11 today—but when you're Facetiming with a friend or enjoying a cookie, take time to appreciate how far you've come. 

What’s your number?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.