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8 Sustainable Swaps I've Made in My Home

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At the start of every week, I write out my goals and gratitude, to help keep myself inspired and accountable. Recently, one goal, in particular, has been at the top of my mind: Transition my home to be more sustainable. While I'm not quite at the point of composting all of my food scraps or completely eliminating single-use products from my life, there are so many ways I could be making my home more environmentally friendly, with minimal effort. As I did earlier this year, I looked to Grove Collaborative, an online subscription service that has a curated selection of eco-friendly products, to help me find and make changes. Read on for the eight simple, sustainable swaps I've made in my home, in the hopes it inspires you to do the same:


Instead of buying large bottles of soap on a monthly basis, I've started filling a reusable glass bottle with this lavender and thyme-scented soap and placing it next to my kitchen sink. The packaging reduces waste, and I keep the refill on hand underneath so I can grab it anytime I run out. My sink now looks chicer and more sustainable than ever. 


I've always assumed that the more chemicals a product has, the cleaner my counters will be, but I never factored in just how harmful to the environment they are. These refillable bottles and concentrates are the perfect solution. I've cut down on waste, saved energy on shipping since the concentrates are sent without water, and replaced a toxic product in my home. It's an all-over win! 


Life with a toddler means there are a lot of messes. In the past, I've reached for a full roll of paper towels in a panic, hoping to mop up spills before they stain our marble counter (or vintage kitchen runner!). Switching to reusable hand towels has been so easy that I'm almost embarrassed I didn't make the change earlier. I now have a full drawer in my kitchen dedicated to towels. I grab one when I need one, for everything from messes to dish drying, and bring them to the laundry room when it's time to be washed. 


Dryer sheets are often over-looked single-use plastics, and rarely work as well as I want them to. By using dryer balls, I've immediately seen a difference in my laundry routine. They last up to 1,000 loads and even reduce my drying time by 25%. Bonus: They're hypoallergenic and gentle on Sloan's clothes. 


Cooking and food preparation is one of the biggest sources of waste out there. When it comes to Sloan's lunch, I like to send her with a lot of healthy snack options, so that often means I use several zipper bags. I always felt so guilty throwing them out at the end of the day and seeing them pile up in the garbage. These reusable sandwich bags are super easy to clean and can hold everything from berries to Goldfish for lunchtime or a snack on the go. 


As documented on Instagram and the blog, G and I like to consider ourselves home-brewed coffee connoisseurs. We have a routine and like to stick to it. However, when we saw how wasteful our one-use filters were, we decided to make a change. Reusable filters last up to 9 months, meaning if you make coffee every single day, that's well over 270 coffee filters saved.


I love drinking water and iced lattes out of straws, but don't love the feeling of a metal straw or the fragility of glass. I wasn't sure what the alternative was until I came across these bamboo options. They're easy to bring everywhere with me (thanks to the carrying pouch), difficult to break (a real issue I had with the glass ones), and are actually naturally anti-bacterial so they're easy to reuse and keep in your purse! 


I entertain outside all year long (a perk of living in Los Angeles) and find that the only thing that can really ruin an outside dinner party is a mosquito. Before, I've just doused myself and my friends in bug repellent, regardless of how bad it is for people and plants. Now, I use these mosquito incense sticks which look far cuter and ward away bugs without harmful chemicals. 

P.S., As an added bonus, Grove Collaborative is gifting a free sustainable starter set and 60 day VIP trial to every new customer making at least a $20 purchase, so you can start making your own sustainable swaps! Click here for details.

Although these are just a few small changes, I'm really trying to make an effort over the next year to completely change my life to be more sustainable. What are some swaps you've made in your home? Let me know in the comments! x

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.