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8 Incredibly Cute Small Stationery Businesses to Support Today

And why they need our support now more than ever!

Earlier this week, Paper Source declared bankruptcy—but not before they placed large orders with a number of small paper goods companies, knowing full well they wouldn't be able to pay for them, as Janie Velencia owner of The Card Bureau explained in a Twitter thread here. In her words, "They made poor business decisions but small businesses will suffer while they get a buyout." The decision has left a number of small business owners in the lurch, to say the least, even putting livelihoods at risk. Stationery has been a part of cupcakes and cashmere since day one (Emily made her own until designing her line!), and I spent long summer shifts working at the Third Street Promenade Paper Source between a college unpaid internship. The experience taught me more than I ever wanted to learn about card stock weights, but also introduced me to so many talented illustrators I still shop from to this day. We wanted to highlight a few of the incredible small brands that have been directly impacted by Paper Source's business practices so you can support them too.

A woman- and immigrant-owned stationery company out of DC that features greeting cards "inspired by politics, feminism, and current events." I love this Elizabeth Warren-themed birthday card!

A Latina-owned and operated studio with some of the cutest stickers around. (Don't miss their state-themed collection, and this AOC-inspired sticker set!)

One of the small silver linings of this situation is the number of paper companies it's introduced me to—how cute is Spaghetti and Meatballs? They've also been incredibly vocal about Paper Source's business practices: "And now, I may never get payment from this corporation even though all the goods are in their possession and continue to sell! This is mind boggling to me. How is this legal! How is this fair? How is this humane?" It's not! Support them here.

Cute and whimsical greeting cards (by a friend of Kelly's!), available through Etsy

Wild Ink Press shared their experience with Paper Source here, and their Northern California shop carries a variety of stationery in addition to offering custom options.

Ladyfingers Letterpress is an LGBTQ+ owned-and-operated stationery and gift brand based in Colorado—don't miss their Activism and Black-made collections.

One of my favorite L.A.-based card stores! I used to frequent The Social Type when it opened up just a few blocks from my Echo Park apartment. They have such a great selection of stationery, and often do pop-ups with florists if you live nearby.

Beautiful and sarcastic letterpress cards made in Upstate New York.

If you've been personally impacted by Paper Source (or are just interested in learning more!), Proof to Product has been covering it closely, and has resources for businesses in need here. Wild Ink Press has also offered that those impacted send her a DM with information about their line. We also weren't able to share every brand impacted, but the comments in this Instagram post feature many more brands.

P.S. Thank you to my friend Nicole Emrani Green whose post brought this to my attention—and whose virtual greeting card company, Givingli supports small artists. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.