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6 Actually Fun Ways to (Safely) Celebrate Galentine's Day Next Week

Gather with your girlfriends online.
Photos by the fabulous Jess Kane!

Photos by the fabulous Jess Kane!

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A few weeks ago, Poppy generously sent our team flowers to do an at-home flower arranging course over Zoom, led by the founder Cameron Hardesty. Not only did we learn a lot (ask us about guard petals, focal flowers, and "greening the vase"), but we had so much fun comparing our arrangements over video—with a lasting souvenir. You could easily do the same for Galentine's Day by ordering flowers, then watching an online DIY arranging video, or even hiring your local florist for a Zoom event!

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So many online workout platforms offer ways to replicate the energetic feeling of a group class, and we love Obé's new "Workout Party" feature which allows you to take a live class with up to seven friends. Our advice is to go for something fun (think: less bootcamp, more dance cardio) with your Galentines. 

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There are so many great resources for learning about wine online, but the brand In Good Taste was created to make virtual tastings with friends fun, easy, and accessible. After ordering your wine flight, head over to this page to book a (free!) virtual tasting for you and your friends over Zoom, and then extend your knowledge with one of these weeks-long courses.

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One of our favorite office traditions was a Galentine's Day gift exchange, where we each bought a gift under $10 for a coworker, whose name we pulled out of a hat. While gift exchanges are best in person, you can easily adapt it for the mail or drop-off deliveries. Simply assign out the names within your friend group, to ensure everyone is giving and receiving a gift, and ask them to ship or drop off their gift by the same due date, to be opened on Galentine's Day. (Too much work? Consider simply sending snail mail their way, with these cute cards.)

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Many of you have attended our "rom com" nights (announced over Emily's Instagram) where we each press play on a movie at the same time, then discuss it in an Instagram group chat. But you could easily do this with a group of girlfriends: Select a time and movie, decide on the same snack, and watch it in Teleparty or while texting. Here are a few new favorites and classics to get you started:

1. 'Crazy Rich Asians'
2. 'Sylvie's Love'
3. 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'
4. 'Love & Basketball'
5. 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'

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At this point, we've all played our fair share of Jackbox, so consider switching things up with some nostalgic and classic slumber party games over Zoom: Never Have I Ever, MASH, Truth or Dare. Just like middle school, without the sloppy "Spin the Bottle" kisses.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.