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21 Products That Have Made Sheltering in Place More Enjoyable

From workplace improvements to activities for Sloan.
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It's a really uncertain scary time so finding the little things that bring you comfort and feel as good as possible can't be underestimated. I've rounded up a few of my favorite products (old and new!) below, that have helped me in some way or another while sheltering in place: 

Go Get Em Tiger Coffee Subscription ($17.50 - $19): We've been buying coffee from GGET for years now (we even shared the recipe for their Almond Macadamia Nut Latte here!), but we're trying to limit going outside so we bought a subscription that's a welcome surprise every time we get a new box.

Ultrasonic Cleaner ($59): G bought this for our family looong before we'd ever heard of coronavirus, and what I assumed would be a superfluous tech item has become invaluable. I regularly use it to sanitize my phone.

Weleda Hand Cream ($18.99): We've been washing our hands more religiously than ever, and until I discovered this cult-favorite natural lotion, I felt like my knuckles were chapped all the time. It's so luxurious and healing!

Sparkly Unicorn Chalk ($4.50): Chalk has been incredibly helpful for those moments we need to send Sloan outside to play by herself. She loves creating art in our driveway, and I've been creating epic obstacle and hopscotch courses with it. 

Ice Machine ($549.00): This is one of those things to file under "completely do not need, but will spark joy several times a day." One of my friends had one for years, and I was impressed anytime she served us a specialty cocktail with crushed ice. G finally bought it for me for my birthday, and we've used it far more than I could have imagined: For morning iced coffee, with a midday La Croix, and cocktails in the evening. It's quickly become one of my favorite purchases, ever. 

Selfie Ring Light with Tripod ($65.99): This hasn't necessarily made sheltering in place more enjoyable, but it's certainly made things more convenient. A big part of my job requires me to be on camera, but it could be hard to navigate with the lighting in ourI house. This ring light creates a bright and flattering light that allows me to film videos for social nearly anywhere.

Philips Pro Pasta Pasta Maker (Originally $499.95, now $349.95): We bought this machine after Leslie raved about it, and have loved how special it can make even defrosted batches of G's bolognese feel in the three minutes it takes to make fresh pasta.

Le Feu De L'eau Currant Candle ($55): Candles have always been a big thing for me, but especially now that home is our sanctuary. I light them during the day for pick-me-ups and in the evening to signal the end of the workday. I've been a fan of this brand for years, and was thrilled to add one of my favorite scents to the Shop!

Vitamin D Gummies ($10): About a week before shut down, I had a doctors' appointment and found out that I'm still deficient in Vitamin D. I've heard that Vitamin D is closely tied to immunity, so I've been sure to take one of these gummies every day (in addition to closely following all safety precautions!). 

Caribu App (free): This app has helped Sloan stay connected with her grandparents. They can read books with her, color with her, and interact with her on its easy-to-use interface.

Speakeasy by Jason Komas ($24.99): We turn to this book on a nearly nightly basis for cocktails, and it's to thank for a recent favorite discovery: Whiskey Sours. 

Reformation Masks (5 for $25): I was surprised when a box arrived from Reformation arrived at the start of shelter-in-place since I hadn't ordered anything, but it turns out G had ordered a set for our family. I've been wearing mine on my daily walks. They also provide an option to donate 5 to essential workers and communities in need! 

Mini Cuisinart Food Processor ($35): My dad got this for us at the start of sheltering in place, and it's been fantastic for the simple ease of not having to pull out our large, clunky machine for smaller needs, like pesto. 

Bags for Bread ($36): Our bread game has been upped significantly because it's my idea of comfort food and we have time now to make it! We've been using these bags to keep it fresher, longer.

Jenga ($11): We've been playing Jenga as a family several times a week, and it's moments like these that provide such a silver lining to a terrible situation. I'm relishing the additional time to play and be with Sloan. 

Furminator ($35): We re-bought this after we lost our original one in the move. As the weather got hotter, Geoffrey and I were constantly cleaning ball of hair off of our rugs and furniture, so we've taken to grooming the cats daily. 

West Elm Desk ($400): We already had this desk from our last office, but kept it in storage until we began sheltering in place. It's not even the desk itself that I love, but the idea that I now have a designated place to work, which I feel so thankful for!

Chef'n Lime Squeezer ($20): We had a citrus squeezer that I thought was completely sufficient until the last time my parents came to stay and my dad was horrified by how little juice he could get out from it. He sent us this one, and it's changed the game for us with margaritas! 

Boll and Branch Sheets (from $160): I love these sheets, so we recently got an additional set so that we can change the sheets without having to wash our only set immediately 

Metal Clip-On Light ($22): We added this light to Sloan's bed and are now allowing her to read (or rather, look at) books after we've put her to bed. She feels so empowered having it!

Vita Liberata Self-Tanner ($30): For someone who typically likes to keep more bright blonde in her hair, I've been feeling a little dull recently. This self-tanner helps to add a little color to my face and makes me feel more confident!

P.S., Here are some items that are helping our entire team!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.