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14 Black-Owned Brands I'm Reviewing for the Shop

The first step of our 15% Pledge...
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One of my favorite candles from La Botica

One of my favorite candles from La Botica

Last week, we took Aurora James' pledge to devote at least 15% of our shelf space on the Shop to Black-owned businesses. This is just one of the steps we're taking as company to implement real change. Since making the pledge, I've come across so many brands owned by BIPOC, and I want to highlight some of them here.

While I'm still waiting for several of the products I've ordered below to arrive, we've been testing and starting conversations with several of the brands that we hope to carry in the Shop. Here are the products from 14 Black-owned brands I'm reviewing for the Shop:

P.S., You're going to see content coming back slowly. You can expect recipes, The List, book recommendations, and more mindful content that increases representation from BIPOC creators and contributors. This is just the beginning in terms of changes we're committed to making, but I hope you enjoy it. x


Klur, founded by Lesley Thornton, is just one of several beauty we're looking to add to the Shop. Cass, on our Marketing team, swears by their gentle cleanser and I placed and order for their serum concentrate, which has garnered something of a cult following.

1 copy 16

Linoto is known for their 100% linen pieces. I purchased their boxers in light blue, which I look forward to lounging around the house in this summer, then pairing with a sweatshirt on a Sunday morning walk.

1 copy 17

In 2017, I was introduced to KNC Beauty's lip mask and have been a fan of their products ever since. I recently ordered their SupaBalm and retionol-infused eye masks, which look like shooting stars (!). 

1 copy 18

Jam + Rico's store is full of beautiful statement earrings inspired by the founder Lisette Scott's Jamaican and Puerto Rican heritage. I pre-ordered the Hoja Earrings in 'Small' and love their delicate nod to nature.

1 copy 19

Jamika Martin founded Rosen Skincare out of frustration with the acne care industry. The brand's formulas are based in clean ingredients that are also effective. I purchased the Earth Mask and Rose Water Face Dew, an alternative to heavy moisturizer. 

1 copy 20

When I'm buying candle samples to consider for the Shop, I'm pretty selective. In this case, every scent description sounded so appealing, I bought all four available at the time. Each one is incredible, but I especially love Ceremony, and I'm hoping we can carry the entire line.

1 copy 21

It's safe to say I've never seen prettier glassware than this. I love a stemless wine option, because it feels like such a casual, but still elevated, way to welcome in the evening. Choosing a color was the hardest part—I went back and forth forever, until surprising even myself by not choosing the pink option. I went with the mint green, that remind me of sea glass, and will be a serious upgrade to my gin and tonics.

1 copy 22

Dr. Mia Chae Reddy founded Dehiya Beauty after studying under a fourth-generation Moroccan herbalist to learn how to create products inspired by Moroccan folk beauty. I ordered their highlighter and lip and cheek tint in 'Nymph' in the prettiest poppy pink (note: their products sold out pretty quickly last week, but many are now available for preorder!). 

1 copy 23

I keep trying to get my hands on candles from The Koop, which continue to sell out. The scents sound so pretty (hello, garden mint and magnolia), and luckily they're restocking soon.

1 copy 24

Golde, founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford, initially launched as a wellness brand, but has since introduced a beauty line. I'm excited to try their Lucuma Bright Face Mask, which I've pre-ordered.

1 copy 25

All-natural skincare brand Undefined Beauty creates "purposeful beauty" that's driven by social good. I purchased the Glow Elixir, Limited Edition Glow Melt (a wick in the jar softens the balm so you can apply it to your skin), and Glow Detox, a CBD-infused bath soak.

1 copy 30

Obviously, as a tried and true bath person, I'm a sucker for any bath product. I initially purchased their Rose and Sandalwood Soap Cube as gifts, but may have to keep them for myself and place another order for friends... I bought all three of their bath bombs because I couldn't choose, and love that their bath oil (which has floating rose buds!), doubles as a massage oil.  

1 copy 27

Before founding Marie Hunter, KéNisha Ruff, a cosmetologist in Madison, Wisconsin, spent years traveling the world to find the best cosmetic laboratories for her products. I purchased one of each of her candles to consider for the Shop, but am particularly looking forward to receiving the scent, 'Bourbon Vanilla'.  

1 copy 28

54 Thronesbody butter is, hands down, the most gorgeous  I've ever seen. It comes in a gold tube with pastel packaging reminiscent of an actual stick of butter. I purchased the Egyptian Lavender and Moroccan Mint scent

Additional Brand: 

Greer Chicago, founded by Chandra Greer, is an online shop that, like ours, curates products from other brands. While they do not have their own line (that I know of!), their site is so epic, I couldn't not include it in this list. 

While I wanted to use this space to bring attention to businesses run by Black women, we're also in talks with several brands founded by women of color I look forward to introducing you to!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.