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13 Distracting and Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

From the team member who, without a doubt, spends the most time on the app.

When things began to get uncertain, and honestly, a bit scary two weeks ago, I started to very quickly feel control slipping away from me (which was not pleasant for someone who always likes to be in the driver's seat of her life). One of my first instincts was to begin filtering my Instagram feed as a way to regain some of that lost control, and it's not-so-surprisingly helped adjust my outlook...considering how much time I spend on the app. I like to feel informed, but prefer that my minutes (okay, hours) spent scrolling be an escape and filled with inspiring, funny, entertaining moments of relief from what's going on around me. I've pulled together a list of accounts that have genuinely improved my past few weeks at home, and encourage you to follow them for a much-needed distraction:

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I was scheduled to have a Facial Contouring Massage with Elizabeth in a week (sad to say that it's been indefinitely postponed) but I've found that following her is therapeutic in and of itself. She provides tutorials to release jaw tension (something I struggle with), headaches, and general self-massage practices that nearly put me in a trance.

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Confession: I'm a cat lady. My sister DM'd me a video of Turbo out of the blue without any context, and five minutes later, I found myself watching every single one on his page. As his handle suggests, it's mainly posts of Turbo scream-meowing, and as a cat-owner, I fell for him immediately – he is as beautiful as he is talkative.

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I'm going to admit that I have been living under a rock and didn't realize that Twitch is the DJ for the Ellen DeGeneres Show – I only recently discovered him and his wife, Allison, after my friend Minna did a roundup of smile-worthy content a few weekends ago. Naturally, since they're professionals, their dancing is infectious (and so impressive), and I've now spent perhaps too much time watching their choreography (...and perhaps embarrassingly attempting to mimic it).

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If you're looking for simple, tangible, and useful ways to spend your excess time indoors productively, I highly recommend sticking to The Home Edit's 14-Day Edit Project. They've provided daily tasks to make your home cleaner with less clutter – I'm on day three and it feels gooooooood to get organized.

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You should be following Basically whether or not you are social distancing for the food porn alone. Bon Appetit's spin-off site is my favorite place to find recipe inspiration, and their #BasicallyBaking campaign– a 10-week challenge to help you become a better, more skilled baker – happened to launch about seven weeks ago. Feast your eyes (...and literally feast) on earl grey yogurt cake, roasty toasty pecan-caramel shortbread cookies, camouflage chocolate fudge brownies, sour cream and onion biscuits...need I say more?

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If you don't already follow Rickey, I'm so sorry. You've missed out on years of hysterically pointed pep talks, affirmations, indulgent selfies (I'm all for these), and top-notch dancing that will make you realize how little you have to offer when it comes to your own moves.

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I'm going to be honest – before I met Kelly, my reading log was pretty pathetic. I was picking up *maybe* three books for pleasure a year, but she's inspired me to set my sights a bit higher (she's working to read 50 BOOKS by the end of 2020, so I cautiously made a goal to read 25). I asked her to recommend her top two bookfluencers to get my juices flowing, and she mentioned Sofie and Jordy, who have completely different taste (and Instagram aesthetics), but have both introduced me to some new reads that I've added to my iPad (and will soon be devouring!).

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How many minutes of my life have I wasted watching slime videos? Zero, because it's never a waste of time. It's oddly satisfying and nearly hypnotizing (my favorite form of ASMR) and I swear 30 minutes will go by in the blink of an eye. 

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You really should have been following Jennifer Garner before this, but if you haven't, now's the time. She's inspiring in every way: philanthropically, physically, and comedically. Her #PretendCookingShow is nothing short of delightful, and her hashtag campaign, #heyjenlookatme, is allowing her fans and followers a pipeline to have her see and regram some of their greatest content

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While I love writing this post wearing a robe, I'm dreaming about spring and the opportunity to wear something out in the world that's chicer than my favorite sweatpants. I've turned to the French girls on Instagram (Violette, Jeanne, and Anne-Laure Mais) for some inspiration (*said in a French accent*), and recently starting following Julie Sergent Ferreri who has officially become my style icon (my saves folder is currently littered with her outfit posts). 

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Two of my friends (Sam Teich and Carly from The Cartolialist) and Ryder Carrol, the creator of the Bullet Journal, are offering free workshops (on calligraphy, art, and writing, respectively) on their channels, and it's inspiring to see how they've found ways to provide their services to larger audiences and spread joy during such a heavy time.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.