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10 Little Things That Make the Biggest Impact in My Bathroom

Brought to you by Billie Razors.
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It's safe to say bathrooms are an overlooked part of any house. They're often small, dark, and relegated to a purely functional role. But I spend as much time in our bathroom each day as I do any other room: It's where I do my makeup each morning, blow out my hair and do my nails every weekend, and take baths with Sloan in the evening. (Sometimes I even have time to throw on a face mask.) Over the years, I've added small touches, from my favorite housewarming gift to my favorite razor, that make our master bathroom feel like the intentional, welcoming, and beautiful oasis it should be:


A few months ago, I came across an image on Amber Lewis's Instagram of a bathroom that looked so chic. Beyond the fact that the room itself was beautiful, it took me a moment to realize that part of the reason it caught my eye was simple and immediately replicable: There was no bathmat. When you think about it, there's really no reason to keep your bathmat out when you aren't taking a shower. They've always reminded me a bit of a frat house, detracting from the decor of an otherwise beautiful room. Now, when I get out of the shower, I take my simple towel mat and hang it up to dry. It's there when I need it, but otherwise out of sight and out of mind.


Leslie introduced me to her favorite razor brand, Billie, back in January, at which point I promptly bought my first one. It's such a vast difference from what I'd been using before–metal, clunky men's razors–and I loved choosing between the gorgeous, candy-colored options (the "Blush" is my favorite). Beyond the fact that they're a gorgeous addition to a bathroom and no longer an eyesore, they truly give me the best shave of my life which means my legs are unbelievably smooth and I actually have to shave far less frequently than I used to. They have a rotating head, an ergonomic handle, and blades that feel both safe and effective. 

Plus, they have an amazing subscription service for those of us who forget to swap out things like a mascara past its prime. Since a lot of razor brands test on animals, I also love that these are cruelty-free.

They come with an adorable, matching magnetic holder for the shower, which means it's easy for me to grab, but too high for Sloan to reach. I keep a second one in my medicine cabinet, for those times I need a quick over-the-sink armpit shave on my way out the door. While it isn't the epitome of chic, it's also real life and I love having a pretty option to reach for. I can't recommend these enough!


Our entire editorial team is a bit obsessed with nice hand soap. Jess introduced me to the term "apothecary soap," Leslie wrote an ode to them last year, and I always have one of my favorite brands, either Byredo in 'Rose' or Compagnie de Provence, available in each bathroom. There's just something about a beautiful soap that makes a sink look that much more grown-up. 


In a bathroom, I favor a diffuser with subtle floral smells that doesn't overpower the small room. One of my favorite options is from Kai, which I keep on the back of the toilet.


A few years ago, I added a framed photograph of a road at dusk to our bathroom, above the bathtub. Some of my favorite touches however are much subtler, and rarely make it into photos. I keep a few of my favorite polaroids on the ledge behind my sink, and a cheeky framed print behind the toilet. 


As random as it sounds, an acrylic tissue box has long been one of my favorite housewarming presents because it's infinitely chicer than a cardboard holder. I brought ours home from our honeymoon in Italy before realizing they're available on Amazon for under $20. 


I'm sure I don't have to go into explicit detail describing the purpose of these "Post-Poo Drops." I love the surprisingly chic packaging of these drops from Aesop, which immediately erase any lingering bathroom smells.


Anytime I'm putting together a bouquet of fresh flowers, I pull one flower out for the bud vase in our bathroom (though lately I've been favoring the gardenias blooming in our front yard). It's a simple yet elegant touch that adds some life to my morning routine.


Anytime I do laundry, I make sure to add a few fresh, rolled towels to a rack in our bathroom. Not only does it make the room feel like a spa, but it's also incredibly convenient for grabbing a fresh towel, since there's nothing worse than a not-quiet-dried towel after a long bath.


One of my favorite parts of using a dry brush may be how it looks in my bathroom... I always keep mine out, since the light wood looks particularly pretty and spa-like against my bath tile (and reminds me to use it, which helps maintain smooth legs year-round). 


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.