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Gift Guide: What We're Buying For the Men in Our Lives

Gifts for your partner, brother, father, or friends from $10-$395.

Every holiday season, some of the hardest gifts to pick out are for the guys in our lives. No two men are the same in their tastes and interests, and it can be a difficult task to pick out a gift he'll love that he doesn't already have. For this guide guide, our team chose a few gifts we've either given or plan to give this year to our partners, brothers, fathers, friends, and in-laws, with a wide variety of interests so there's a little something for everyone. Good luck!


Reigning Champ Sweat Shorts ($105): As it turns out, not all sweatshorts are created equal and Reigning Champ makes some of the coolest around. G wears these on the weekend with a sweatshirt or simple tee with messy hair and sunglasses and I swear it's one of my favorite things on him.  


Hario Pour Over Dripper ($25-$60): If a guy in your life is even remotely into coffee, you need to get him this pour over dripper that's not only gorgeous enough to leave out, but is revolutionary in its design and promises the best cup of home brew (I got G the black).


Rototo Socks ($30): Socks got a bad rep when we were kids since they were, hands down, one of the worst gifts to receive. Fast forward a few decades later when G casually hinted that he wanted a pair of these heavyweight, seriously soft socks for lounging around the house. I obliged, despite the fact that I thought the price was silly, but lo and behold, G claims they're the most comfortable thing he's ever owned and is already considering another pair.


Frank August Bourbon ($65): Truly small batch (only 10-15 barrels are blended at a time), this brand new Bourbon line brings together minimal design with maximum flavor. With strong notes of vanilla oak, the finish lingers for a bit, leaving a rich, warm flavor in your mouth. It’s not available nationwide yet, but you could probably get it shipped to your home from K&L.


Horace Skin Care for Men ($14-$65): This is a pharmacy brand in France, but if you know the difference between US pharmacies and those in Europe, you’ll understand why this is considered a premium brand, but with an affordable price. I purchased their purifying face cleanser and rich face moisturizer last summer, just to try them out, and have already gone through both. I plan on getting myself the complete face kit as a personal gift, but you can’t go wrong with any of their options.


John Elliott Beach Hoodie ($198): No one needs a new hoodie, but everyone loves a hoodie. There are countless options and a wide array of price points, but if you’re giving this as a gift, go ahead and splurge. This version from John Elliott blends soft, French terry with a relaxed fit, and comes in a variety of colors. I have the mint and tan colorways and wear them nearly every weekend during the fall and winter months. One note, while the site says “true to size,” I recommend sizing up.


Compartés Chocolate ($10-$50+): When in doubt, chocolate is pretty much always a good idea. When I still lived in LA, I would run over to the Compartés store in Brentwood every year (which has since closed, but I lived down the street from it for three years) and browse the rainbow wall of chocolate bars and hand-pick one for every person in my family, although I think it was always my dad and brother-in-law who loved this gift the most. With flavors like "Donuts and Coffee," "Nightcap Whisky," and "Campfire S'mores," you really can't go wrong. Now that I live in Minnesota I'll choose my bars online, or if you want to make the process even simpler, this four piece "nostalgia" chocolate bar set is an easy yes.


Nespresso Vertuo Plus ($153-$220): My dad knows that I'm buying a Nespresso coffee maker this year so this doesn't spoil any surprises. This is kind of a "group gift" that's just as much for me and my boyfriend as it is for my dad. My dad simply cannot start his day without an espresso (he obviously already has a high-end model at his house haha) and my boyfriend lives for a double espresso shot basically any time of day, so this machine is actually going to live at my house for our use and his whenever he comes to stay with us. I've been in research mode on which Nespresso machine to buy for a few months and pretty much everyone online recommends this one. My only decision now is whether I also get the milk frother or not.


Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder ($299): Speaking of coffee, my boyfriend's coffee grinder that he had for almost 10 years broke about a month after we moved into our new house. He values form over function (I'm somewhere more in the middle) so I've been casually looking for a coffee grinder that will perform well and look really good sitting out on the countertop, and this is definitely it. We already own the matte black electric kettle from Fellow so this would fit right in with our ~aesthetic~ and I love that all the reviews say how quiet it is, since our bedroom is only about 20 feet away from the kitchen.


Big Cock Ranch Gourmet Seasoning Bundle ($38): Okay hear me out–this is an incredible gift I was introduced to by my brother-in-law for any home chef with a good sense of humor. This set comes with four MSG-free seasoning blends: 'Good Shit,' 'Chicken Shit,' 'Bull Shit,' and my favorite, 'Special Shit.' They're delicious, hilarious, and cover all the bases, especially for anyone who loves to grill.


Vince Raider Combat Boots ($395): My boyfriend is someone who has a uniform and rarely shops for clothing. For the first year of our relationship, he wore the same black Dr. Martens boots almost every day. It got to the point where they were two stitches away from falling apart, so I decided to step in and give his boots an upgrade. I gifted him a pair of black Vince Raider Combat Boots for Christmas last year, and they immediately became his new favorite shoes. Not only are they water-repellent, making them durable enough to trek through rain or snow and incredibly easy to clean up, they’re also versatile enough to dress up or down. While they are on the pricier side, they’re well worth it if you have a man in your life who needs a presentable pair of sturdy boots. My boyfriend has worn these boots almost constantly for a year now, and they still look as good as new.


Zalto Wine Glasses ($80-$185): My dad is a big wine collector and connoisseur. For as long as I can remember, he’s been very particular about the glasses he uses, since it “greatly effects the taste and experience.” Last Christmas, my boyfriend gifted my dad a set of two wine glasses and he was blown away. While I’ve heard my dad fawn over Zalto’s extremely thin and light wine glasses for years, he never wanted to purchase them for himself because they’re very delicate with a pretty hefty price tag ($80 each). Receiving these glasses as a gift felt incredibly thoughtful and definitely left a lasting impression on my dad. I wouldn’t recommend these glasses for a casual wine drinker, but if you have a true wine lover/connoisseur in your life, this is a slam dunk gift. My dad almost solely drinks red wine, so my boyfriend opted for the "red" glasses, but if you want to play it safe, Zalto offers a "universal" glass that's suitable for red or white wine.


Miyabi Kaizen Chef's Knife ($200): My boyfriend is one of the most talented cooks I know and can whip up pretty much anything in our tiny NYC-sized kitchen. Although our kitchen cabinets and counters are overflowing with pans, pots, and various tools, the thing he reaches for most often is a knife. I will admit, I am more of a takeout, easy three-ingredient meal type of girl, but according to my boyfriend, the Miyabi Kaizen II Chef’s Knife has been a godsend. It’s incredibly sharp, cutting through meat and vegetables like butter, and the design is beautiful, making it truly feel high-end. This is a great gift for your home chef!


New York Times Custom Birthday Book ($99.95): If you’re unsure what to get your in-laws, this is a great, sentimental gift that still feels personal and thoughtful. Last year, I gifted this “New York Times Custom Birthday Book” to my boyfriend’s dad, and he was over the moon. The book is completely customizable, so you enter the recipient’s name and date of birth, and Uncommon Goods prints a special edition of the book with their name and birthday embossed on the cover and pages filled with the front page headline from their birthday every year since they were born. While this is a great birthday gift, I think this could be just as thoughtful and well-received for the holidays.

PRO TIP: There are various versions of this book from different news publications to choose from (LA TimesChicago Tribune, etc.) adding another layer of personalization.


UGG Classic Scuff Slipper in Chestnut ($100): My husband is artsy, so I tend to buy him accessories for his camera or specialty denim from Japan. However, this year, I decided it was finally time to get him a pair of slippers. I’ve tried to get him to buy slippers for years (our hardwood floor is freezing in the winter), but he consistently refuses. On a recent trip to LA, he was convinced by his friend (who surfs) that Uggs are the most comfortable slippers ever. He tried on a pair, and was sold! I particularly like this style, as they are easy to slip on and off, and they have a very timeless look.


Aesop Deodorant ($35): A great stocking stuffer, this deodorant smells divine and is also highly effective. My husband loves Aesop, but doesn’t always treat himself to luxurious skincare items. This will be a nice treat for him to open, and I know he will be excited to use it daily as the scent is warm and comforting. Bonus: This deodorant smells so good, he doesn’t feel as though he has to wear a cologne.


Graza 'Drizzle' and 'Sizzle' Olive Oil Set ($35): My brother is an excellent chef, so I’m constantly looking for gifts that make cooking more enjoyable. I came upon this new olive oil brand via Instagram. One bottle is for cooking while the other is a finishing oil. My brother is very particular about his olive oil, as this seemingly simple ingredient makes a huge difference in the final taste of the dish. Graza’s ‘Sizzle’ and ‘Drizzle’ oils are sure to pass his test, as they are made from 100% non blended olives picked in Spain. I plan to get him the set, but if I had to choose just one, their ‘Drizzle’ oil in particular is a fan favorite due to its bright, bold flavor perfect for finishing any and every dish.


National Geographic Subscription ($6-$29): My dad is a nerd in the best way possible. He loves nature, and I just know he will enjoy a subscription to National Geographic. Also, I love giving subscriptions as they are fun reminders throughout the year that you are thinking of someone.


Yeti Rambler Mug ($35): My dad lives on coffee, so any coffee item is sure to get his approval. He has recently been taking his Le Creuset mugs on walks around the neighborhood, as he doesn’t have a travel mug he likes. So, I set out to find the best travel mug out there, and landed on the Yeti Rambler Mug. The mug seals exceptionally well, which will keep his coffee hot for hours. Plus, for just $35, Yeti is so durable you know this will be a mug he keeps for life.

PRO TIP: If you want to take this in your car, the Yeti Rambler Travel Mug is the best option as it fits in drink holders.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.