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Gift Guide: What We're Asking For (and Buying For Ourselves) This Year

Ideas for how to treat yourself from $14-$500+.

Giving gifts to yourself for the holidays is absolutely a form of self care. We spend *a lot* of time during the holiday season curating thoughtful gifts for our loved ones, but it's important to make sure you treat yourself to something nice, too (we worked hard this year, and so did you!) In the spirit of self care, the entire cupcakes and cashmere team rounded up all the gifts we're asking for and treating ourselves to this year from $14-$500+. See some less-familiar names? Read more about each member of the C&C team here!


Personalized Notecard Set ($31): One of the best gifts to give and receive is anything monogrammed, especially when it comes in a beautiful box of personalized stationery. I'm getting myself a collection of simple cards in my favorite color combination so that letter writing always feels like a treat.


Manhattan Glass ($65): Is $65 an absurd amount of money to spend on a cocktail glass that matches nothing else in my kitchen? Absolutely. But would it make martinis taste that much better? Also yes.


Celine Belt ($530): My friend, who's easily the most stylish person I know, showed up to dinner recently in a white button-down, vintage Levi's, and this belt around her waist. The whole thing was so classic and crisp, but this belt gave it a touch of understated elegance, which is why it's been on my wish list ever since. 


Spice Jars + Labels ($18.95+): This is a weird add, but having an organized spice drawer, complete with matching jars and minimalist labels, feels like a fun flex. G claims it would be annoying, but I think as long as they're all kept in alphabetical order, I think we'd be fine. Plus, can you imagine the sense of calm you'd get every time you slide open the drawer to see them all perfectly organized? Pure bliss. 


Oil Black Merely Premium Relaxing Wide Pant ($292): We need to embrace the fact that wide pants are back and I am personally very happy this style has returned. This pair, from under-the-radar South Korean Merely Made, hits the perfect balance of trendy style, with unique design. They come in beige and black, so you can't go wrong either way, but since black goes with everything, that's where I'm starting.


Blazepod Pro ($299+): I've been seeing ads for this product on IG for over a year and almost bought it last holiday, but held off until I thought I'd stay committed to it. Turns out, this is actually a gift I can share with Sloan too. The light system has different training sessions for either general fitness or specific sports (i.e. soccer, basketball, etc.) which improve movement and reaction time. After watching Sloan's first season of basketball, I showed her some of the exercise routines this system has for kids and she immediately wanted to give it a try. You can scale the system to include more lights, but I think the four-pack will be sufficient for us.


Crystal Negroni Glass Set ($35): The Negroni has been my go-to cocktail well before the memeable version entered the collective zeitgeist. Regardless of the version you like, you need the right glass and I love the wider opening and lower profile of these crystal glasses. 


Alex Mill Sherpa Work Jacket ($195): I saw this fleece jacket on Emily's friend Jenny over a year ago and knew I had to have it. It was out of stock forever, but now it's finally back! I'm never, ever mad at getting a fleece as a gift, and I have my eye on this one too after seeing it on someone at Tartine last time I was in LA.


Merit 'The Full Collection' ($250): Yes, this is every Merit product and I have been plotting to treat myself to this set for months. After trying both the lip oil and complexion stick, curiosity alone is driving me to buy the entire collection so I can do a full review of every product. I'm particularly excited to try Merit's first skincare product, the brand new Instant Glow Serum. Will Merit be my "new" Glossier? We'll find out...


Toppu Mini Bowl ($70): I saw this striped bowl sitting on a bookshelf in a cool store and knew there was a 100% chance I would either buy it or ask for it for the holidays. The only decision I have now is whether to go with caramel/rose or black/white.


Dune by Frank Herbert, Deluxe Edition ($26-$40): I'm a sucker for beautiful special editions of classic books. I gifted this edition of Dune to myself from Uncle Hugo's science fiction bookstore in Minneapolis (a small business that burned down during the 2020 protests and just re-opened in a new location this summer). I loved the bookstore so much I bought a sweatshirt, too.


Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Edition ($600): I’ve gone back and forth on whether the Dyson Airwrap was actually worth it, but I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that it’s a need, not a want for me. I have a few friends that have the original one, and their hair essentially always looks like they just got a blowout. Recently, Dyson released a new version of the Airwrap with an extra long barrel for longer hair and a curling attachment that switches directions (versus having a separate attachment for left and right). Yes, the Dyson Airwrap is absurdly expensive, but can you really put a price on perfect hair every day? This may be a Christmas gift to myself this year.


Madden Girl 'William' Tall Dress Boots ($90): It’s customary for me to buy a new pair of boots every fall / winter, and this year I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of versatile knee-high boots. Since the style is a little dressier than an everyday boot, I love that it's under $100, but still looks high quality. I can already picture the outfits I would wear with these.


GANNI Beanie ($95): The best gift I’ve recently received was this GANNI beanie from my husband last Valentine’s Day! This beanie is so fun and colorful, it livens up my winter wardrobe, and it’s out of this world cozy. Since receiving it, I bought myself another one in a more neutral tone because I love it that much. It keeps me warm and comfortable and it looks so stinking cute–I get compliments on it regularly. Now that I’m thinking about it, I might just have to buy another one in a different color this year as well!


Ramona Coupe Glasses ($56): I have a thing for glassware. I can’t stop collecting beautiful drinking vessels, and I want to add these gorgeous coupes to my collection. The colored glass and the beautiful stem are so unique, I would be thrilled to receive this as a gift.


Blondo Raquel Waterproof Boot ($159.95): I love Blondo’s waterproof boots! I live in Washington where it rains continuously and I know I can count on these boots to keep my feet warm and dry. The best thing about these boots is that they don’t look like rain boots. They are incredibly stylish, and will look great with my winter wardrobe whether it’s raining or not. Bonus: They are insanely comfortable.


SKIMS Robe ($104): I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect robe, one that is not too hot, but also not too cold. This SKIMS robe is just right! It is short and cute, and comes in a variety of neutral colors. This is the gift I am most hoping to get this holiday season.


NuFACE Mini+ Toning Facial Device Kit ($245): My shopping habits have evolved as I have gotten older, and in this last year of my 30s, I have been focusing more on toning my skin and keeping my face tight. The only facial tool I've ever owned is a gua sha (which I still use and love), but after reading reviews and seeing others's results, this NuFACE toning device is one I'd love to receive as a gift. The Mini+ starter kit comes with a smaller version of their popular device, and includes products to use with it. It's useful items for self care like this that I look forward to receiving!


Bombas Gripper Slippers ($45): Leave it to my sister to introduce me to something that is cozy, cute, and useful. She actually received these as a gift herself, and loves them so much that she is considering buying another pair. I need something that is in-between socks and slippers to wear while cooking or just hanging around the house, and these are so cozy and equally cute! When my husband had surgery last holiday season, we bought him something similar for his rehab at home, and ever since I have wanted a pair. I'm asking for the navy because it is the closest to black, and well, I am a creature of habit.


TYME Iron Pro ($179): How many more hair tools do I need!? I promise, they all serve a separate purpose. If I can add one more to my collection, it has to a) save time and b) give great results. I admit the ads I get for this are a huge reason I want this tool, because it seems to serve both purposes. The TYME Iron Pro is an all-in-one curling and straightening iron that doesn't require the long wait or hold with each curl; you just pull the tool through your sections and you get a curl! (Seriously, go watch the video!). I am sold, and don't feel a bit guilty adding this to my family of hair tools.


Sur Diamond Baguette Necklace ($325): I have had my eye on this piece for months, basically throughout the entire conception/design and sample process. I knew that once this piece landed on the Shop I would be sending my husband a link to it for Christmas. I think because I am a part of the production process and I know how much thought and work goes into each piece, they feel extra special to me and I always look forward to getting a new fine piece each year around the holidays. In 2020, my husband got me the Presidio necklace for Christmas and this year, for my birthday, I was spoiled with both the Dipsea, from my mother-in-law, and the Laurel Canyon, from my friend and familiar C&C Shop face, Shobi. There's nothing better than diamonds for Christmas!


Conair Instant 1.5" Hot Rollers ($24): I recently started growing my hair out, and I have been meaning to update my curling iron from a 1” to a 1.5” barrel size now that my hair is longer. I follow someone on Instagram who always shows how she styles her long hair with these hot rollers and how she does her hair on the go, like in the car or while she is getting Starbucks, and it has really influenced me. With a six month-old who is always keeping me busy in the mornings, the idea of having a hands-free hair routine sounds more appealing than ever. I can’t wait to try these out!


Care FP Seaside Fleece ($248): The amount of times I visit the Free People app to check to make sure this fleece isn’t sold out is actually ridiculous. I am obsessed with this fleece and how different and cool it is. I am from the Pacific Northwest, so I feel like having a fleece is an essential for your fall/winter wardrobe, but this price tag has been such a barrier for me. I could never spend this much money on an article of clothing but would absolutely die if someone got this for me as a gift. I often imagine myself on a cold winter morning, walking my dogs down to the beach, with a coffee in my hand, wearing this fleece. Is that normal? Maybe not. Looks like you would need to size it down (based on reviews) but I also love the oversized fit of it.


Crate & Barrel 50-Piece Decorating Kit ($24.95): When the holidays roll around, one of my go-to festive hobbies is baking (or at the very least, it used to be!) This year I would love to actually get back into decorating cookies and cupcakes, and I've had my eye on this set of decorating tools which would literally make me giggle with excitement if I were to receive them as a gift.


OUAI Hair Products ($14-$60): I love all things beauty, but really good hair care can just add up over time. I recently bought my roommate a restock of all her favorite beauty supplies as a birthday gift, and her reaction was a little unexpected. She said it was the most thoughtful gift she had received for her birthday, and it got me thinking that I would also truly love nothing more than to get my favorite hair oil as a gift from a friend who knew I was running low.


Shutterfly Photo Album ($30-$80): Every year for the holidays, my mom, sister, and I always pick a theme for our gifts. Last year we picked eco-friendly items, 2020 was small stocking stuffers, and 2019 was pajamas. It makes gift-giving easy and fun! This year we decided on making custom Shutterfly photo albums for each other. It's something fun to create and a nice sentimental/personal gift for each other.

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Donation to a local organization (any amount): One other thing we decided to do this year was to donate to a local organization. Living so close to the beach and having a husband who surfs five days a week, I decided we would donate to the Surfrider Foundation of San Diego. It's an amazing organization that focuses on beach clean-up, beach preservation, and educating people on climate change.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.