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Gift Guide: Gifts For Our Nearest and Dearest

Holiday gift ideas for our team's friends and family, at a variety of budgets.

Giving a well-received gift to close friends and family is truly one of the best feelings there is. Without giving *too much* away, our team rounded up some of our favorite gifts we're giving this year–or have given in the past–to our nearest and dearest. 


For my friends who love to travel as much as me–

Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set ($128): I'm not what you'd call an organized traveler–I typically wait until the last minute to pack, and once I've arrived, I never organize my things. That all changed (at least for my toiletries) once I became the proud owner of a Cuyana leather travel case set. I pack one with my skincare products and the other with my makeup, and it's always the most together I feel anytime I'm away from home. I plan on gifting the 'blush' or 'soft rose' shades to two of my friends with their monograms since it really is the chicest way to travel.


For my mom who rarely treats herself–

DOEN Lovisa Nightgown ($158): As someone who wore rather unsightly things to bed for the majority of her 20s (stained, ripped, etc.) I can attest to the importance of wearing truly nice loungewear around the house. I'm getting my mom a version of this nightgown that's ethereal, romantic, and would look cute under a vintage sweatshirt on a cool morning.


For my dad who's impossible to shop for–

James Perse Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt ($90): Good t-shirts make a big difference, which is why I like to treat my dad to some of the best made around: James Perse. They wear nicely and even when they become thinner, still manage to look great, transforming even the simplest of outfits into ones that look intentional and cool.


For my friend who has everything–

Brass Coasters ($48): Every time I go to my friend's house, I'm impressed by how together it all seems. Each tea towel, vintage rug, flower arrangement is styled just so, but when I went over recently, she apologized for not having found coasters for her coffee table yet. She commented on how much she loved the ones I own, which is why I'm gifting her this set (that looks a lot more expensive than it really is).


For my dessert-loving, long-distance bestie who loves The Bachelor–

Milk Bar Pie ($53): When my best friend's wedding got postponed due to the pandemic, I sent her a pie from Milk Bar to make her feel better and she said she cried when she received it. Now that we're long-distance, I love knowing I can send her favorite pie, a confetti cake, or cookie tin anytime, from anywhere.


Subscription to Game of Roses Patreon ($10/month): My best friend and I are both unashamedly superfans of The Bachelor franchise (it's our sports, ok?!). Last year I gifted her a one year Patreon subscription to our favorite podcast, Game of Roses. She said it's probably the best gift I've ever given her, and I always patiently wait every week for her to give me all the juicy tids she learns in the extra episodes and pre-game shows.

NOTE: For some reason you can't actually "gift" a subscription on Patreon yet, so I actually gave Jess a card explaining what her gift was and we signed up together using my CC details. Not a super elegant delivery, but she's my BFF so neither of us cared, haha.


For my sister, the breadwinner, with three boys under the age of seven–

Aveda 'Stress-Fix' Body Creme ($56): When I asked my sister what she wanted (she, not the boys!!) for the holidays this year, every single answer centered around reducing stress, relaxing, and getting some much needed "me time." One of her favorite beauty brands is Aveda, and this aptly named body creme with an "anti-stress aroma" seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

Other gift ideas for your friend/sister who's a mom with young kids: Offer to babysit for a much needed night out, a spa gift certificate, a nice bottle of wine, a cozy sweater, or find some way to gift her "peace and quiet" for an afternoon.


For my food-loving friend who's living on her own for the first time–

Piecework 'Food For Thought' Puzzle ($38): Puzzles are something a lot of us got into during the pandemic, and Piecework has found a way to make this pastime surprisingly chic. My friend who lives alone loves a puzzle, and I always look forward to helping her with whatever one she's working on when I come over. 


For my very athletic mom who constantly complains about knots in her back–

PUREWAVE Therapy Massager ($125): As an owner of this back massager, I can personally vouch that this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Like my mom, I consistently get knots in my back and this massager has been so helpful in relieving tension. Whether my mom is sore from golf, tennis, pilates, or pickleball, this massager will 100% take care of it. In addition to the various attachments and strength settings, the cordless, slim design makes it easy to reach and massage your own back. Instead of one pricy massage, opt for this handheld massager.


For my long distance bff who loves rainbows and snuggling up for movie nights–

Ombré Name Blanket ($88): From the moment I met my best friend in college, we were attached at the hip. (Seriously, we arranged our course schedules so we would have every class together.) During our free time, we would go to cool events, restaurants, or exhibitions, and after a long day of exploring we would almost always go back to one of our apartments and watch a movie or Sex and the City in our sweatpants. Now that she lives in Germany, this blanket can serve as a thoughtful reminder of all the movie nights we’ve had. Bauble Bar has throws in all different designs and styles that can be personalized, but this one feels perfect for her since she loves rainbows!


For my long-distance oldest and dearest friend–

Fran's Gray Salt Caramels ($17-$74): My oldest and dearest friend now lives a few states away, but we keep in touch regularly via FaceTime and thoughtful gifts. We like to send each other sweet treats around the holidays (we both have a sweet tooth). So, this year, I plan to send her delicious salted caramels from a local Seattle brand called Fran’s Chocolates. This brand has won tons of awards and is famous for their melt in your mouth caramels–I’ve tried other brands, but nothing compares to Fran’s heavenly morsels.


For my beauty-loving sister-in-law–

Glossier 'You' Perfume ($64): Fragrance is such a nice gift to receive, and Glossier’s ‘You’ perfume is the perfect gift for my beauty-loving sister-in-law. With notes of pink peppercorn, amber, and iris this scent is a bit spicy, a tiny bit woodsy, and slightly sweet. This perfume is designed to smell different on everyone, and I truly think it does. The scent notes melt into your skin to compliment your own personal fragrance so it is never cloying or too much. I personally love this scent, and I think she will too!


For your stylish husband, brother, or the guy on-the-go–

Aer City Sling 2 ($89): I’ve noticed recently that both my brother and husband have swapped their everyday backpacks for a sling. In times when you just need to carry your phone, wallet, and keys, this bag will do the trick while also looking stylish. This brand (which is my husband’s favorite) makes sleek slings that will match nearly every wardrobe. If the guy in your life has everything, this might be the one thing he doesn’t have just yet.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.