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Gift Guide: For The Little One In Your Life

Inspire their imagination and sense of adventure!
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When the "Dear Santa," letter isn't particularly elucidating (or legible), let this gift be your guide for encouraging reading, pretend play, and everything in between. But first... don't forget your best mom friend! 

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Mama Necklace ($295): Being a mom is a badge of honor. Let her wear it proud with this 14k gold necklace from the Shop. 

The Chicest Changing Bag ($341): The ideal changing bag is one that doesn't look like a changing bag at all. This one in blush pink fits the bill perfectly.

Non-Hemp Infused Patches ($12): We’re not saying she’ll ever need to use these… but we are saying that she’ll want them close-by if she does. 

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The Boy, The Horse, The Fox and The Mole ($16): This beautifully-illustrated children's book contains an even more beautiful story about friendship and adventure. 

Alma and The Beast ($18): A sweet and poignant story about accepting strangers (especially those who don't look like us). This book is worthy of a spot on any kid's (and honestly, grown up's) bookshelf.

I Can Change The World Personalized Book ($30): This personalized book will help the little one in your life believe in themself and their ability to make a difference in the world.

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Wheelbarrow Play Set ($80): Plant your kid's green thumb early by gifting them this wheelbarrow set filled with all the gardening supplies they could need.

Play Kitchen ($100): This retro-inspired play kitchen is cuter than most grown-up kitchens we've seen.

Doctor's Kit Play Set ($30): Medical school may be a few years away, but it's never too early to start pretending. 

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Daisy Pillow ($94): A sweet pillow to rest their head on after a day full of adventures.

Pajama Set ($55): Your little one will sleep soundly in this super soft (and super cute) banana print PJ set.

Reach For The Clouds Rocker ($120): Let your kid rock themselves to sleep with this dreamy plush rocker.

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Elsa's Magical Ice Palace Lego Set ($80): Frozen 2 just came out, which means your kid's love of Elsa has probably been reignited (cue a few more rounds of: LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOOOOO). With this Lego set, she can act out all her favorite scenes. 

Fairy Dress ($60): Let them pretend it's Halloween every day with this pretty fairy dress.

Fairy Adventure Craft Kit ($40): Watch as fairies magically appear with this fun, sparkly craft kit. 

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Little Lion Kid’s Screenprint ($88): Put your kid's love of animals on display with this whimsical print.

Barbie Horses and Accessories Playset ($50): Add to your kid's growing doll collection with this horse playset. 

Petting Zoo Stuffed Playset ($30): So they can bring their petting zoo pals with them wherever they go. 

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Buffalo Check Teepee ($130): Because every sleepover needs a hideout spot to share secrets. 

Secret Decoder Deluxe Activity Set ($11): When hide-and-seek gets old, up the ante with this cool spy kit.

Unicorn Sleeping Bag ($30): Send them off to their friend's house for a sleepover in style with this sweet (unicorn!) sleeping bag.

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Cashmere Baby Gift Set ($199): The softest blanket and matching bear beanie to keep your little one snuggly.

Summer Poppy Swaddle ($18): The poppy pattern on this swaddle is so pretty we're wondering how else we could use it after the baby is all grown up...

Rainbow Rattle ($20): Made from knitted organic cotton and with a soft noise shake, this rainbow rattle will help the baby in your life explore textures and sounds gently.

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Art Making With MOMA: Storytelling Art Kit ($20): For the kid that's always telling stories, this kit helps them bring their ideas to life.

Arckit Play Little Architech ($50): Building blocks are cool, but building blocks that look like this? Way cooler.

Wooden Art Easel ($149): With a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other (along with a slot for adding a roll of paper), this easel will help the little artist in your life find their preferred medium. 

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DIY Jewelry Kit ($25): Expect to receive quite a few handcrafted bracelets and necklaces from your kid courtesy of this cute kit.

Makeup Toy Set ($30): If your kid is a little too young for real makeup, this set offers a fun, mess-free introduction. 

Vanity Makeup Studio ($50): For the kid who's always rummaging through mom's lipstick collection (and has perhaps outgrown toy sets like the one above).

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.