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Gift Guide: For the Guy in Your Life

This may be the best iteration of our most popular gift guide...
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Every year, we round up some of the best gifts for the guy in your life (but let's be honest, any of us would be thrilled to receive one of these gifts). And every year, it's one of our most successful gift guides. Maybe it's because shopping for the guy in your life can feel uninspiring or difficult, but after reviewing each category heavily with G, I feel confident that this is the list of all lists for holiday presents this year (re: no electric shaver or pair of sneakers here)! 

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Elago Leather Airpods Case ($20): For Apple devotees, this case will keep his Airpods safe (and looking très chic).

Personal Thermostat ($299): Regardless of whether he runs hot or cold, this temperature control bracelet will help him stay comfortable (and will perhaps lead to fewer fights about the thermostat...)

Rabbit Charger Duo with 28" Retractable Cable ($49): This is more than your typical charger. With retractable cables and charging tips, you can charge more than one device at a time, in the most convenient locations imaginable. 

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Stone Diffuser ($28): This Japanese diffuser is small enough to keep on his nightstand, so he can fall asleep to the scent of lavender or bergamot (or any of his other favorite essential oils).

Automatic Joint Roller and Grinder ($130): This grinder and roller uses innovative technology to minimize air pockets at the touch of a button.

A Stunning Puzzle ($25): Gift him a puzzle so stunning it will double as a piece of art once complete.

Wave Immersive Meditation Bolster ($199): If he struggles to lose himself in meditation, this guided at-home device can help free of him of distractions through its connected bolster.

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Drift Magazine Subscription ($52): This magazine about coffee culture around the world would honestly appeal to any traveler, coffee lover or not.

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug ($150): If he has a long morning commute, this travel mug will help keep his coffee warm all the way to the office.

Collapsible Coffee Press ($42): This collapsible press is perfect for coffee on-the-go, so he never has to be without his daily dose of caffeine.

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A24 'The Lighthouse' Grooming Set ($42): This grooming set combines two things every indie guy loves: A24 movies and fancy beard oil. ;) 

Saturdays NYC Cashmere Sweater ($165): This burnt orange cashmere sweater is one he’ll want to reach for every day.

'Are You Listening' by Tillie Walden ($23): Graphic novelist Tillie Walden's latest release is both visually stunning and heartfelt, making it the perfect gift for the guy in your life who appreciates the arts.

Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker ($159): This vintage-inspired speaker has the retro appeal of a record player while still allowing him to jam to his favorite Spotify playlists.

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Jaybird Wireless Earbuds ($179): There’s a “find my buds” feature through the Jaybird app. Need we say more? (They’re also sweat-proof and have excellent sound quality!)

Adidas Duffel Bag ($65): With a removable shoe and laundry pouch, this duffel bag will fit all of his gym needs.

Retro Gym Socks ($80): These retro gym socks (or anywhere socks) will look almost as cute on his feet as they do in this bento-style box.

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PocketTalk Voice Translator ($299): This two-way, pocket-sized translator is capable of translating 74 languages, making it the ultimate travel companion. Simply speak into the device and it will spit back a translation in real time.

Barbour Cotton Duffel Bag ($150): Made from waxed cotton in a deep emerald hue, this duffel bag will help him travel in style.

Flat Folio Dopp Kit ($200): This leather dopp kit comes in a variety of colors, so he can match it to his luggage (and because it lays flat, it can easily slide into a cramped, return-flight bag).

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reBoard Cutting Board ($35): This cutting board is made from plastic scraps created by kitchenware manufacturing and comes in a chic color scheme.

Three Spirits ‘Nightcap’ Euphoric ($32): The new nightcap euphoric from Three Spirits is the perfect (non-alcoholic) end to any evening at home.

Biolite FirePit and Grill ($200): This wood and charcoal burning firepit will give him the feel of a campfire without any of the smoke (and is perfect for grilling up meat and veggies, hibachi-style). 

Hopsy Home Tap (usually $220, but only $20 with two beers over Cyber Week!): This at-home tap functions like a keg, but is much easier to use and tap for home use—and they have an amazing Cyber Week deal where you can get the $200 "Home Tap" for free (!). Subscribe to their beer delivery so you always have a fresh pour on hand!

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Soft Moisture Mask ($36): This low-maintenance mask can be worn overnight and will keep him waking up with hydrated skin well through winter.

Comme Des Garcons Cologne ($103): A dark, peppery fragrance perfect for the guy who is still in the process of figuring out his signature scent. 

Patrick's Hair Pomade ($60): This lightweight product will help him tame his bedhead while promoting thicker, healthier hair.

Hawthorne Personalized Skincare ($172): If he's interested in skincare but doesn't really know where to start, this personalized set (which considers his skin type, personality, and age, among other things) can help him get into a routine.

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Refillable Body Wash ($35): This body wash comes in the grooviest, refillable glass bottle, so he can keep it on permanent display in his shower.

Marram Co. Shaving Cream ($20): This shaving cream (in quite possibly the chicest packaging we've seen) helps protect his skin from harsh cold weather.

Vertige Soap ($14): This diamond-shaped hand soap is probably a little chicer than the drugstore-brand bottle currently on his counter. I mean, come on–just picture this on a marble sink. 

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Yiddish Cocktail Napkin Set ($45): These linen cocktail napkins featuring Yiddish phrases like "Oy Vey" and "Schlemazl" are the coolest (and will look great on his bar cart).

Winc Classic Collection ($120): If he's starting to get more into wine, this collection of four classic bottles will help him narrow down his preferences.

Stemless Wine Glasses ($50): The best 21st birthday present (classy, without broken stems in the dorm room) is just as classy for any age and any occasion.

Tropical Ombre Corkscrew ($22) or Cool and Classy Corkscrew ($50): We trust you’ll make the right choice for his personality ;) 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.