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Gift Guide: $30 and Under

Even the smallest gifts have meaning.
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We all have those people in our lives who deserve a thank you—but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank buying them gifts. We rounded up our favorite options under $30 for your kid's teacher, your coworkers and boss, roommate or neighbor, and the people who make your life just a little easier.  

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Got Get Em Tiger Coffee ($18): Teaching is rewarding—but it's also exhausting. Show your kid's teacher you understand just how tiring their job can be with a splurge-worthy bag of coffee (this is one of G and my favorites from Go Get Em Tiger!). Bonus if your kid has time to make a mug to go with it!

Our Favorite Travel Mug Ever ($24): This leak-proof travel mug (which we tested and loved here) will keep their coffee hot for hours.

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer ($12): Perfect for keeping at their desk, this hand sanitizer will help ward off any little germs from little hands.

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Trinket Dish ($30): Gift her a handmade ceramic dish to hold all of her Shop earrings. ;)

'She Persisted' Bar Charm ($25): You know, for those moments you both "survived" a conference call or late night.

Microwave Popcorn Maker ($30): This popcorn maker is the gift that will keep on giving for the whole office.

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Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer ($25): This brass set will keep her candles in tip-top shape.

Icebox ($30): At this point, your hostess is probably all set on drinks. Instead of giving her yet another bottle of wine, try this sleek icebox instead for cocktails. 

Unfortunate Portrait Playing Cards ($30): This deck of cards, which features drawings of pop culture figures. will make her next game night even more fun.

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Room Spray ($18): Help your boss keep their office smelling fresh with this room spray (we love the Amber & Moss scent).

Lulu’s Garden Succulent Box ($25): Breathe some life into their desk with a hard-to-kill succulent.

Desk Hourglass Timer ($18): This hourglass timer will help them keep track of time (think of it as a prettier "Pomodoro method" timer) as well as serve as a cute desk accent. 

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Little Food Socks ($26): Help them pay homage to their favorite foods (like sushi and pizza) with these fun socks. 

Set of 4 Star Straws ($27): Ditching plastic straws just got even more attractive with this set of stainless steel star straws.

Cat-Shaped Ice Mold ($10): These kitschy ice molds are perfect for an old-fashioned, "on the cats." (Sorry, we had to.)

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Watercolor Set ($25): For when a glass of wine and a face mask just won't cut it, help them unwind with this watercolor painting set.

Embroidery Starter Kit ($9): Perhaps cross-stitching can be your new roommate-bonding activity?

Scrabble Fridge Magnet Set ($12): Leave each other notes and keep track of household to-dos with this cute magnet set.

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Cable-Knit Gloves ($18): These super-soft gloves will keep their hands warm on long, wintery walks.

Dog Park Tote Bag ($30): Complete with a zippered treat pocket and built-in bag holder, this tote keeps all their pup-sentials on hand. 

Dog Wine Stopper ($25): This stopper and pourer releases wine through the dog's mouth, so there's no need for decanting. Even nicer if you gift it with a bottle! 

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Laptop Sleeve ($30): A laptop sleeve perfect for bringing her laptop to and from, so she can use it once the kids are tucked in!

Sleepy Body Lotion ($20): A luxurious body lotion in a calming, sleep-inducing lavender scent. 

Masha Tea ($18): Running after little ones all day is taxing. This licorice and burdock tea will help her unwind.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.