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30 Gifts for the Wellness and Exercise Enthusiast in Your Life

Including smart swim goggles and a nifty tool for better sleep.
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Not only can they correctly pronounce "ashwagandha," but their Headspace meditation streak is in the double digits...and they actually stretch after they sweat. This gift guide is packed with essentials—but also a few luxuries—for the wellness and exercise enthusiast in your life:

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1. FORM Swim Goggles ($199) Smart goggles that display your metrics.
2. The Anti-Anxiety Notebook ($39) An outlet to journal when you feel tense, worried, or nervous.
3. Weighted Blanket ($49) For better sleep and couch chilling.*
4. HealHaus Membership ($20 per month) Live yoga and meditation classes from this Black-owned wellness studio in New York.*
5. Buckwheat Yoga Bolster ($79) Leslie bought this quilted yoga bolster after months of research—and it lives up to the hype.
6. Linné Rise & Rest ($86) Apply this functional aromatherapeutic duo at night and in the morning, to rest and rise.
7. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle ($98) Say goodbye to germs (and the weird smells that come with them!).
8. Emotional Barometer Cards ($20) A tool to help you better understand your moods.
9. TrainingPeaks (around $100) Customized training plans with access to real coaches.
10. Adaptogenic Chews ($30) Ashwagandha and L-theanine in gummy form (for the person who knows what those words mean).
11. The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington ($17) In defense of carving out time to sleep.
12. TANGRAM Smart Jump Rope ($80) Consider throwing in an Amanda Kloots rope toning class, too!
13. Deskside Air Purifier ($120) For when they head back to the office.
14. Cork Massage Roller ($30) Roll away sore muscles.*

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15. Dusen Dusen Eye Mask ($32) Where style meets function meets sleep.
16. Fight Camp Kit ($1,219) An excessively indulgent gift that would be perfect for a boxer missing their gym.
17. Dodow ($60) An electric tool for falling asleep, designed by insomniacs.
18. Acupressure Mat ($29) For pain relief and deeper relaxation (a favorite of Emily's!).*
19. Stripe Yoga Mat ($69) Sustainable yoga mats, in the cutest prints.
20. Pivot Bed (varies by Kickstarter contribution): This bed pivots to become a gym.
21. Moxi Skates ($98) Just try not to smile while wearing these skates!
22. Madefor Kit ($750) A ten-month program for building better habits.
23. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser ($119) An essential for oils.*
24. 30-Day Goal Tracker ($12) Designed by Poketo.
25. Joov Generator ($695) Light for their health.
26. Finley Blue Light Glasses ($40) Block the harsh light that comes from screens.*
27. Matcha Maker ($310) A lavish gift for their morning routine.
28. Brown Girl Jane CBD Tincture ($68): Fewer than 5 percent of all cannabis businesses are Black-owned, but founder Malaika Jones Kebede is dedicated to changing that!
29. Beats by Dr. Dre ($199) G's favorite headphones for workouts.*
30. Sky Ting Membership ($20 per month) Online yoga classes from Jess and Leslie’s favorite NY studio.*

*Denotes a favorite.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.