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30 Gifts for the Self Care and Beauty Enthusiast in Your Life

Including the best stick-on mani and a cult-favorite body oil.
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In 2020, a "beauty routine" is less about looking good as it is about feeling good. We've been finding refuge in our routines, escaping into baths, and splurging on the "good" oil—here are 30 gifts for the person in your life doing the same: 

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1. KNC Beauty Sheet Masks ($28) Designed to hydrate, brighten, and soothe.
2. Lavender Eye Pillow ($38) A calming scented eye mask.
3. Necessaire’s The Body Kit ($60) Emily’s favorite Necessaire products in one appealing set.*
4. Haeckel's Exfoliating Seaweed Block ($24) A sustainable pick, out of the UK.
5. Mani Mi Manicure ($25) Stick-on gels, perfectly sized for their nails.
6. Hinoki Body Oil ($85) A cult-favorite body oil, by way of an olive oil farm.*
7. Wary Meyers Soap ($14) In a pleasant sunset shade.
8. Cryo Freeze Tools ($125) For a spa-worthy cryo facial.*
9. Lighted Compact Mirror ($24) For on-the-go touchups (another cute option here!).
10. The ‘Comfort’ Gift Box ($75) Warm fuzzies, in a box.
11. Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel ($36) Packed with effective plant-based antioxidants.
12. Borosilicate Mug ($19) The perfect pair with some calming tea.
13. Bathing Lady Soap Dish ($40) For little sink-side essentials.
14. Good Mornings: Morning Rituals for Wellness, Peace and Purpose by Linnea Dunn ($15) A book for better mornings. 

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15. BYREDO Hand Wash in ‘Rose’ ($65) Up their hand-washing game.
16. Indulge Gift Box ($150) Give the gift of attainable luxury, with all things self-care, and each item hand-picked by Emily.
17. Susanne Kaufmann Essential Bath Oil ($78) Maybe the best indulgent bath oil.
18. Sister Jane Bow Mask ($8) The chicest mask, with a satin tie that won’t mess up their hair.*
19. Floramye Bath Bliss Set ($70) Prettiest collection of bath bombs.
20. Le Bouquet Candle Set ($55) A votive trio set with three of Maison Louis Marie’s best-selling and most memorable scents.
21. Bynacht Sleep Oil ($145) A bedside luxury to nourish dry skin while they sleep.
22. Patchology Mistletoes Kit ($25) So they can finally give themselves that pedicure they’ve been missing all year.
23. Oui the People Gift Set ($81) Includes their bath soak and amber-balsam candle. 
24. Veque Nail Polish ($18) The perfect vampy shade.
25. Olive and June Holiday Stickers ($8) And holiday stickers to go on top! 
26. Kinship Skincare Kit ($56) Cute and effective.
27. Peggy Sue Bath Tea Bags ($23) Steep your stress away.
28. Golde Superfood Latte Kit ($77) A trio of turmeric, cacao, and matcha.
29. L’Occitane Lavender Set ($79) One of Emily’s favorite scents, in a perfectly giftable set.*
30. Riki Loves Riki Mirror ($205) A high-tech LED mirror for flawless application. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.