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30 Gifts for the Most Indoorsy Person in Your Life

From refreshing DIYs to the world's coziest robe.
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Gift Guides are something I look forward to creating every year—but this year, they felt particularly special. Because so many our team's favorite holiday traditions, like going for high tea at the Peninsula Hotel or simply hosting friends aren't possible this year, we took care to select thoughtful gifts. These were hand-chosen to be sent to those you love, but can't necessarily hug, this year. And I'm far from alone in my excitement—when I took to Instagram to ask what you'd like out of this year's Gift Guides, over 30,000 of you weighed in! 

You'll see your answers reflected in this year's guides: You asked that they be organized by hobby rather than by person ("best friend"), as we did last year. The majority of you also asked for a guide with tons of options rather than curated picks (though enough of you asked for curated picks that I'll be adding an asterisk next to my favorites). But the greatest landslide came when I asked you about timing—85% of you asked for Gift Guides "the earlier the better!" While we'd initially planned on spacing our guides out throughout December, as we usually do, we're going to be publishing them all this week to get them to you as early as possible, starting with 30 gifts for the most indoorsy person in your life. These gifts are perfect for your loved one making the most of quarantine—it includes plenty of DIYs, an extremely comfy robe, and tons of little things to keep their #stayhome game strong: 

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1. Daisies Embroidery Kit ($38) Gift the kit—or embroider some socks, inspired by these.
2. The Great The Sweatshirt Robe ($295) I own (and love this). It's like wearing the softest sweatshirt to bed.
3. Siblings Pour Your Own Candle ($22) Just add a vessel.
4. Oblio Wireless Sanitizing Charger ($79) Sanitize and charge the highest-touch item you own, at the same time.
5. 1Canoe2 Books Journal ($20) For avid readers who prefer analog to Good Reads (throw in an online Bullet Journaling class).
6. Poppy Flower Subscription ($80 per delivery) Some of our favorite arrangements, delivered monthly (or every two weeks).
7. Block Chanukiah ($225) A stunning modern take on a timeless ritual.*
8. Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam ($25) One of Leslie and Kelly’s favorite books of the year.*
9. MOMA Chess and Checkers Set ($55) For all the Beth Harmons out there (and this outrageously beautiful, but very expensive set if you want to take things up ten notches).
10. Jane Austen Coloring Book ($15) Make like Liz Bennet and color outside the lines. 
11. Ugg Slippers ($89) You can never go wrong with cozy slippers—and these are as good as it gets.*
12. Heathered Cashmere Sheets ($635) The most luxurious sheet set you’ll ever buy.
13. Daisy Chain Mask Holder ($48) So dainty, so pretty.
14. The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett ($25) One of the biggest books of the year.

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15. Upstate Plant Based Dye ($52) Includes a Shibori tutorial.
16. Playing Cards in Lucite Box ($70) Possibly the prettiest holder for Gin Rummy or Go Fish.*
17. Customizable Knit-Your-Own Blanket Kit ($79) Choose their three favorite colors, then knit it for them—or let them create their own.
18. Brass USB Candle Lighter ($35) Charge, flip, light, relax.*
19. The Great Indoors Print ($32) Put their favorite place on display.
20. Park Barrett Embroidered Sweatshirt ($78) Sealed with a heart.
21. Crosley Record Player ($44) Gift with a few records from your favorite shop.
22. Modern Ceramic Menorah ($180) The prettiest menorah, founded by cupcakes and cashmere readers.
23. AKOLA Build Your Own Bracelet Set ($50) Go ahead and get crafty.
24. Coastal Mug and Steeper ($48) Steep and repeat.
25. Tarot Card Pendant Necklace ($58) Let the cards fall as they may.
26. Fauci Shirt ($23) So they can represent their favorite scientist.
27. Two-Tone Bedside Carafe ($210) A pretty bedside touch.
28. Philips Smart Sleep Light ($200) Emily’s secret for combatting shorter days and disrupted routines.*
29. Felt Eucalyptus Leaves ($15) Ever-green. 
30. Disco Queen Puzzle ($26) Puzzle the night away. 

P.S. Leslie will be taking to @shopcupcakesandcashmere Stories this week to be your personal gift guide concierge. Feel free to submit to our hotline, which we'll be posting soon, with some of your trickiest recipients so she can suggest accordingly! x 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.