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30 Gifts for the Food Lover in Your Life

Including a croissant light and foolproof bagel DIY kit!
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We don't like to pick favorites... but as a team of food lovers, this Gift Guide just might take the cake (see what we did there?). Below you'll find plenty of DIY projects—including bagels, sourdough, and sushi—as well as the best cookbooks, booze, and gift sets from the year. Here are 30 gifts for the food lover in your life: 

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1. Date Night Marg Kit ($60) When “staying in” is the new “going out.”
2. Croissant Lamp ($88) Light up your buttery love.*
3. Go Get Em Tiger Coffee Subscription (price varies) Emily and Geoffrey swear by this subscription from their favorite coffee shop in LA.
4. Jubilee by Toni Tipton-Martin ($32) Shedding light on African American cuisine with some seriously comforting recipes.*
5. Black Walnut Bread Lame ($35) For expert loaf slashes that will make your kitchen feel like a professional bakery.
6. Coffee in a Can ($40) Grab and go caffeine (from our team's favorite shop!) in some seriously stunning packaging.*
7. Material Angled Board ($115) A jet-black cutting board pretty enough to show off.
8. Almond Milk Concentrate ($28) The most convenient milk alternative, in cute packaging for their morning smoothies.
9. Great Jones Fully Baked Set ($245) Vintage-inspired piece, and the scalloped edges are just so pretty.
10. St. Agrestis Negroni Bag-in-Box ($59) Slap the (classier) bag.*
11. 4-Pack of Levain Cookies ($27) Probably the best cookies in New York, delivered to their door.
12. Oyster Bottle Opener ($78) A pretty addition to their bar cart.
13. Brightland’s ‘Mini Essentials’ ($70) A small selection from Jess and Leslie’s favorite olive oil brand.*
14. Aarke Sparkling Water Carbonator ($119) Pop some bubbles.

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15. Flower Candle ($68) Possibly the prettiest tapered candle, for their dining table centerpiece.*
16. DIY Everything Bagel Kit ($25) An activity they can eat!
17. Super Sourdough by James Morton ($27): For everyone who birthed their first sourdough starter in quarantine.
18. Gradient Glassware ($40) A playful addition to any tablescape.*
19. Sophie James Wine ($130) Some of our favorite California wine, with a gold wax seal.
20. Fold By Number Napkins ($42) Endless dinnertime entertainment, for every age.
21. Set of 4 Estelle Glass Champagne Coupes ($195) In the prettiest cobalt blue.*
22. AMASS Botanic Vodka ($50) Distilled in LA (their gin is one of G and Leslie's favorites!).*
23. Wine Simple by Aldoh Sohm ($24) An introduction to all things wine.
24. DIY Sushi Kit ($40) All you need is the salmon.
25. Popcorn Maker ($20) Just add Leslie’s favorite popcorn toppings.
26. Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce ($40) Getting warmer...
27. In Good Taste California Wine Flight ($65) The wine-tasting flight Leslie tried and loved earlier this year!
28. Black Girl Baking by Jerrelle Guy ($20) Baking that uses all five senses (and is full of great stories).
29. Gin Tasting Kit ($60) Bottoms up!
30. Hepburn Shaker ($90) A sleeker shaker.

*Denotes a favorite.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.