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Vanilla Oreos

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Every time I fly into New York, immediately after I unload my luggage, I head to the nearest bodega to pick up my favorite packaged dessert: Snackwell's Vanilla Creme Sandwich Cookies (I never said I had a sophisticated palate). I'm pretty sure they're marketed as a slightly healthier cookie, but regardless of their questionable nutritional content, it's a little tradition I've created for myself that I always look forward to. And while I have a special/weird attachment to the originals, making them from scratch (using this recipe for the cookies and this for the filling) brings them to an entirely new level. They're essentially Oreos (which I've also made at home) and coincidentally the last time I made those, we had just moved into our last apartment. Clearly when it comes to desserts that make me feel like home, these are just the cookies to do the trick.