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Valerie Confections Candied Rose Petals

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Whenever I visit my parents in Northern California, I always make it a point to stop by ACME for a loaf of their sourdough bread to bring home. It's one of those things that the southern half of the state just can't replicate. Similarly, when my mom comes to visit me, she heads straight to Valerie Confections for their petit fours. If we're not together for her birthday or Mother's Day, I send her a box of her favorite passion-fruit filled version. While the mini cakes are extraordinary, it's the sugared rose petals that make them stand out. It's amazing how much flavor something so simple can produce. A couple petals thrown on the most humble dessert can transform it into a special treat. The team at Valerie Confections makes each sugared rose petal by hand, and I got a tutorial from Valerie herself. Here's a straightforward recipe that provides beautiful results.


Clean and dry petals. Dip your thumb and forefinger into an egg-white wash and gently coat both sides of the petal.


Place egg-coated petals into a large bowl of sugar and use a spoon to generously cover both sides.


Place the sugar-covered petals onto a cooling rack and let air dry for up to four hours.


Try this method with other plants or edible flowers as well, like mint or lavender. 


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.