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Two-Bite Ice Cream Sandwiches


In the summer, I love the idea of whipping up a fresh fruit pie each time we entertain. But the reality is sometimes I just can't bring myself to hang out in a hot kitchen for the entire afternoon. For those times, I love serving ice cream sandwiches (you can see my other favorite summer entertaining ideas here) and have been doing so for the past couple of months. But what I quickly learned was that not everyone wants to polish off an entire ice cream sandwich. It is two big cookies plus a hefty scoop of ice cream, after all. Instead of cutting them into quarters (our messy solution) I've been making miniature two-bite ice cream sandwiches using little store-bought chocolate chip cookies and filling them with my favorite ice creams (McConnell's 'Vanilla Bean', Haagen Dazs 'Strawberry' and Talenti 'Mint Chip). It's a fun way to get to try out a variety of flavors and cute enough to serve for guests.






Products in this post may contain affiliate links