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The WFH Lunch I've Been Eating on Repeat

A simple equation for a nourishing midday meal!
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Since we first began sheltering in place, breakfast and dinner have never been a problem. For breakfast, I eat what I always have, with small variations: Eggs over-easy with spinach and Bulletproof coffee. For dinner, Jonah and I are making the most of the extra time. We close our laptops between 5 P.M. and 6 P.M. and spend the next hour or two cooking up feasts of roast chicken, pasta, and lamb chops.

But lunch... well, I haven't totally known what to do about lunch. The soup I usually make takes up a lot of precious vegetables, diving into dinner leftovers usually means depleting that evening's dinner, and I don't have the time to cook a full meal in the middle of the workday. So usually, I just skip it. Obviously, this is far from ideal. I am a "three square meals" a day gal, and by 4:30 P.M., I'm starving, cranky, and can hardly make dinner quickly enough.  

Recently though, I've finally felt like I cracked the code with a simple lunch equation that hits all the marks: I layer a bowl with a generous helping of hummus, then add roasted vegetables, and a protein. Is it groundbreaking? No. But it's exactly what I'd been looking for:

✔️It's so simple. I barely have to think about it. 
✔️It's easy to prep ahead: I roast and sauté vegetables as soon as I receive our CSA box, then mix them all together in a large container with the juice from one lemon. 
✔️It doesn't get too repetitive: The vegetables change every week with my CSA, I make and buy different flavors of hummus, and swap out the protein every day between sausage, beans, rotisserie chicken, tofu, and ground turkey I heat up quickly in a pan. 
✔️It's nutrient-dense: I've never liked eating lunches heavy in simple carbs. They make me feel sleepy and sluggish by mid-afternoon, but this lunch leaves me feeling full but energized!

P.S., For the hummus, I usually make some variation on this chard hummus, since I always receive the vegetable in my CSA. It's delicious! 

Friday's lunch: Chard hummus, kale, chard leaves, and broccoli, and chicken sausage

Friday's lunch: Chard hummus, kale, chard leaves, and broccoli, and chicken sausage

Products in this post may contain affiliate links