The One Entertaining Tip I Always Keep in Mind

The fuller, the better.
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Nesting salad bowls available here

Nesting salad bowls available here

G and I complement each other well in the kitchen, especially when it comes to hosting. He’s an amazing cook and tends to handle most of the grilling, basting, and chopping, while I focus on the aesthetic and serving aspects. Funny enough, after my last trip to visit my parents, I realized that he and I parallel their roles almost exactly. My dad is extremely talented at cooking and my mom could double as a professional food stylist; she has an uncanny way of making whatever we’re eating look beautiful and appetizing.

While I’m not yet on her level, I’ve done my best to make food service at our house mimic hers. One key tip she’s passed on is to focus on making whatever you’re serving look plentiful. You pretty much want each bowl or platter to look like it's overflowing, an effect achieved by using a slightly smaller vessel than the food you're serving, or frequently refilling it if you're doing buffet-style. Depending on the item, choosing to throw things into a bowl instead of placing them individually on a plate works too.

This makes everything look better to the eye, and guests won’t feel awkward reaching for seconds when the dish appears endless. You want everyone to grab as much as they’d like—without worrying about taking the last piece. 

What's your one go-to tip for hosting or entertaining?