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The Modern Cheese Plate

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The cheese plates I used to put together for dinner parties were so perfectly laid out and pristine that I think guests found them intimidating to dive into. This updated version, which is appealing in its overabundance (similar to my crudites platter), has a much more inviting feel that's also conducive to encouraging conversations, since things are already pre-cut and bite-sized. Here are the things to keep in mind when it comes to creating a cheese plate of your own.

1. The cheeses: Brie, white cheddar, gouda, Cotswold 

 Pantry items: Sweet and savory almonds, spicy pickled peppers, cornichons, dried apricot, honeycomb, olives.

Fresh elements: Grapes, figs, apples

2. Cut up the hard cheeses so guests don't have to do any work

3. Start with the cheeses and balance the colors/textures.

4. Figure out your center grounding elements (in this case they're the grapes and figs).

5. Continue adding different pantry items and fresh fruit around the grounding element and cheeses, making sure to balance out the plate with different colors/textures.

6. Don't be afraid that different items touching each other, that's the point!


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.