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The Best Things Our Team Made in the Kitchen in January

A new series where we shout our favorite new recipes from the rooftops.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and our team even has a Slack channel dedicated to sharing the best recipes we've tried and loved. So it only felt right to put the top contenders from January together – hopefully at a bare minimum, they inspire you to try out something new this month.


Pistachio Pinwheels

pistachio pinwheel

As a chocolate cookie enthusiast, I was skeptical about how much I'd enjoy a cookie that was mostly comprised of nuts (something of which I'm not particularly fond), but they were so cute that I was determined to give them a go. I kid you not, these are an 11/10. Granted the rolling together of the two doughs was a biiit trickier than I'd anticipated, but the end result was so gorgeous and delicious, that I plan on busting these out anytime I want to pull out a seriously impressive dessert everyone will love.

Fried Chickpeas With Chorizo and Spinach


G has been on a bit of a health kick recently and since he's the main cook in our household, it means that I, too, have been eating more vegetables and beans as of late. Some of the dishes are...a bit healthy for my taste, but this one, with fried chickpeas, chorizo, and spinach was phenomenal. It was full of flavor, came together quickly (from what I saw while drinking my wine), and though we'd both anticipated having leftovers the next day, finished the entire thing in one sitting.


NYTimes Cooking's Perfect Buttermilk Pancakes


I recently kicked off a recipe series on my Instagram account where I'm trying out the five-star NYT Cooking recipes that most appeal to me, and I really started with a bang. These pancakes are quite literally the best I've ever made and tasted (like the recipe claims, they are perfect) – slightly crispy, fluffy, and flavorful. If you need something to whip up on a weekend morning, these should be first on your list.

Italian Enough's Mushroom Faux-lognese


On a late afternoon when I knew I'd be flying solo for dinner, I decided to invest a bit more time in the kitchen than my usual box of mac and cheese and try Italian Enough's mushroom faux-lognese. You may have seen that I'm a huge fan of her work, and as a surprise to no one, this one also rocks. It doesn't replace the taste or richness of meat, but it does mimic the texture and has umami-packed flavor. If you're a vegetarian (or even if you aren't!), this should have be on your winter rotation.

Tartine's Almond Paste Lemon Poppy Seed Cake


During our first in-person marketing team meetup, Kelly, Cass, Lauren, and I had breakfast at Tartine, and naturally, I ordered an array of baked good to test out. The runaway hit was their lemon poppy loaf that, I kid you not, was the most delicious citrus loaf of all time. I randomly googled it one night to discover that the recipe lived online and it had a secret ingredient that made complete sense after the fact: almond paste. It's the ideal recipe if you're hosting a friend for brunch or just want a little something to snack on with your morning coffee.

NYTimes Cooking's Strawberry Spoon Cake


To everyone who has had spoon cake and never told me about it, our friendship is officially over. This is the simplest recipe that comes together from start to finish in 45 minutes, and you're encouraged to dig in five minutes after it comes out of the oven. 


Half Baked Harvest's Buffalo Cauliflower With Spicy Tahini Ranch


I follow Tieghan Gerard religiously on Instagram and after seeing her post the recipe for her Buffalo Cauliflower bites on January 11, I quite literally went to the store to get the ingredients that same day. I have made these four (yes, four) times since she posted them and I have to say they are the most delicious buffalo cauliflower bites I have ever had. They are truly restaurant quality, if not better. A few tips I would share (coming from someone who has made them four times in two weeks): individually dredge each cauliflower piece in the cornflakes to get a more even and fully-covered cornflake crust on each one. Make a little bit more buffalo sauce than it says to make, I love to have some extra to put on top of them when they are out of the oven. Also, make sure you give the Tahini Ranch a try. I am an original ranch girl through and through but there is something about the way the flavors of this ranch pair with the buffalo sauce, so unexpected and delicious! I HIGHLY recommend.

Beginning With Bergamot's Earl Gray Blackberry Scones With a Lemon Glaze


I made these scones for a random Saturday morning after seeing them on Pinterest. I can’t resist a fruit scone, especially one with Earl Gray and a lemon glaze. I will say while I was making these and folding in the berries, I thought I was doing it all wrong and I was making a huge mess with the blackberries. By the time I got the scones into shape and in the oven they sort of resembled a scone, but a very wet one, so I was unsure how they would actually turn out. After baking them and adding the glaze, the scones were actually so delicious and super moist! Will definitely be making it again to pair with my morning coffee.


Joy's Easy Banana Bread

2022-01-28 at 1.28.21 PM

Definitely the yummiest thing I made all month was this classic banana bread. But I'm more of an experimental baker so I love tweaking recipes to make them my own! These are the changes I made to recipe, which resulted in a super moist yet firm banana bread: I did not use overripe bananas, they were only starting to ripen and were still on the firmer side and instead of adding a full cup of sugar I added 3/4 cups of white sugar and substituted the rest with maple syrup (which I felt added to final texture and flavor of the loaf). I also sprinkled the top with a mixture of crushed walnuts and sugar and it was exactly what it needed!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.