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Sweet Talk



Over the years, I've developed a sort of obsession when it comes to compiling lists. Whether I'm standing in line for coffee or waiting at the doctor's office, I find it relaxing to sort things out in my head. Not that anyone's ever quizzed me on my favorite movie soundtrack or most beloved colors, but I guess I just like to know for myself. Inspired by Halloween, I thought I'd share my most cherished candies:


- The buttery toffee that's enveloped in a thick layer of milk chocolate is simply amazing.


(Holiday Edition) - Yes, it's ridiculous that I make the distinction between a regular Reese's and the ones that come out for the Holidays, but I love how the peanut butter goes all the way to the edge.

M&M Minis

- These taste even better than the originals, mainly because of their super cute size. If you had to narrow it down to your three favorite candies, which would they be?

Products in this post may contain affiliate links