Sweet Talk



Over the years, I've developed a sort of obsession when it comes to compiling lists. Whether I'm standing in line for coffee or waiting at the doctor's office, I find it relaxing to sort things out in my head. Not that anyone's ever quizzed me on my favorite movie soundtrack or most beloved colors, but I guess I just like to know for myself. Inspired by Halloween, I thought I'd share my most cherished candies:


- The buttery toffee that's enveloped in a thick layer of milk chocolate is simply amazing.


(Holiday Edition) - Yes, it's ridiculous that I make the distinction between a regular Reese's and the ones that come out for the Holidays, but I love how the peanut butter goes all the way to the edge.

M&M Minis

- These taste even better than the originals, mainly because of their super cute size. If you had to narrow it down to your three favorite candies, which would they be?