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Superba Grain Bowl

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This holiday season was exorbitantly indulgent for me, starting with Thanksgiving dinner (where I had leftovers for a week straight afterwards). Then it was my back-to-back baby showers capped off by a week at my parents' house where my dad cooked all of my favorite foods. I’m craving something a little lighter, but want it to still pack a punch. Enter: The Superba Food + Bread grain bowl. I first got it at brunch a couple of months back and had been meaning to recreate it ever since. I asked Superba Food + Bread head chef, Jason Travi, to take me through the recipe so I can make the dish for myself at home when I’m in the mood for lighter fare. 


 Jason says, “I wanted grains that have a lot of flavor and are easy to get. After a couple months of playing around to get the perfect flavor combination, I chose Bulgar wheat, quinoa, and rye berries for their nuttiness. The textures work really well together, too. Cook each grain separately, and then mix after they’ve cooled. To season the grains, I just splash about two ounces of red wine vinaigrette and a liberal pinch of salt.”


"We use a slaw that is a little bit more unique than other slaws out there. Ours is made up of raw collard greens, pickled radishes, pickled carrots, candied orange rind, and shredded coconut. Initially we were going to use kale, but I like the crunch of collared greens when they’re undercooked (and when raw, they are chock-full of nutrients)." 


"For a crunch element, I went with toasted cashews because cashews are a nut that not many people have allergies to." 


"I finish with a poached egg. We put our eggs into 163-degree water for an hour. After the hour is up, they are perfectly cooked. If you don’t like the whites to be a little runny, break the egg over a slotted spoon and shake out all the liquid. The best part is, is that you can keep these grains for up to a week. Get creative and feel free to customize: Add chicken, avocado, fish or whatever else you'd like. 



Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.