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Strawberry Biscuit Bites

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As soon as local strawberries pop up at the farmers' market, I can't help envisioning them in summertime desserts - a classic tart, homemade-ice-cream-turned-bon-bons, or incorporated into a rhubarb pie. But when it comes to simple dishes that really let the strawberries remain the focal point, there's nothing better than strawberry "shortcake" biscuits. It's my go-to dessert whether we're having a low-key Sunday brunch or hosting friends for a casual barbecue and since I have a thing for bite-sized anything, I made them miniature using a small cookie cutter for the biscuits. I find cake to be too sweet with these, so I stick to a really basic biscuit recipe and top them with a couple of slices of strawberries and finish with homemade whipped cream.