Spring Strawberry Cookies

The cutest spin on having "fruit” for dessert.
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A friend recently gifted me this insanely cute strawberry cookie cutter in celebration of the first day of spring, and I couldn't wait to put it to use. It's sweetly nostalgic and makes the process of cookie-baking even happier. We have a few strawberries growing in our garden  now, and while the real thing is more nutritional (Sloan lives for strawberries), these definitely take the cake (er, cookie). For decorating them, I decided to play up the cartoonish shape of the silhouette and make them look even more like illustrated strawberries with yellow nonpareils in place of black "seeds," after filling them in with bright royal icing. You can see the completed result below, then make your own with my royal icing tutorial and favorite sugar cookie recipe. While I brought them to a children's party at the park, you could give them to a friend as a sweet pick-me-up, or bring them into your office for no reason at all. Enjoy!