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Spaghetti with Sweet 100 Tomatoes

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Growing up, our family had a yellow labrador retriever that would consume just about anything (including a plethora of inedible objects), but she was particularly infatuated with cherry tomatoes. We'd give her one and she'd run around the house, tearing around corners, all while cradling it gently in her mouth. She'd then drop it on the floor (with it still remarkably intact), circle it a few times, then would pick it back up and repeat. This would go on for hours, so even though she's been gone for years, it's still one of my most cherished memories. Last weekend at the Larchmont farmers' market, cherry tomatoes were bursting out of nearly every stall, their bright colors glittering like little jewels. I came home with a few pints, popping them into my mouth the whole ride home. I didn't have a real plan for them at first, but I'm so glad I decided on this Mario Batali spaghetti, which was just as vibrant and flavorful as I had hoped. It's been decided that it will remain a staple in our home, as long as cherry tomatoes are in season and has since been renamed, "Remy's pasta."



Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.