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Snacking Done Right

Brought to you by NatureBox.
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I've always been a grazer, preferring small, unstructured meals over larger plates of food. Thankfully my co-workers are the same, so we're constantly discovering new snacks and try to keep our pantry stocked with different treats. However, I also have a tendency to go overboard when I find something I like (I'm looking at you, banana with peanut butter), and eat it to the point that it becomes monotonous and unappealing. So when NatureBox reached out with an opportunity to try out their snack subscription service, it immediately appealed to my need for variety.

They carry over 100 items, all made from tasty, wholesome ingredients, without artificial sweeteners or flavors.  I'm partial to some of the more unique options, like their Sea Salt Pop Pops, Sriracha Cashews and Mini Belgian Waffles. Phoebe loved the Everything Bagel Bites, G finished off the Chocolate-covered Almonds, and Diana was all about the Greek Yogurt-Covered Pretzels. Plus if we get tired of any snack, we can completely remix our order and have different snacks delivered in our next box. They also add new items each month, so your options never get boring. Needless to say, it's completely upped our snacking game and makes creative meetings much more fun.

You can get a free sample box of some of their best snacks if you join via this link. Free trial is available for new and US and Canadian subscribers only. Not valid on gift subscriptions and may not be combined with any other offers.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.