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Rosemary Butter Cookies


When it comes to dessert, I typically find that more is better. Pile on an extra layer of chocolate, drizzle on some caramel, and why not top it off with some crumbled toffee? But when leafing through Martha Stewart's Cookies cookbook this past weekend, I was surprisingly drawn to her Rosemary Butter Cookies. They seemed like a nice break, a palete cleanser if you will, and admittedly I was also thrilled to find that I already had all of the ingredients in the house (including rosemary in the back yard). I ate nearly half the dough throughout the process, reassuring myself that it couldn't possibly taste as good once baked. Turns out, I was wrong. They came out so well that even my husband said (after his eighth cookie) that they were the best I'd ever made. Sometimes simple really is best.




Products in this post may contain affiliate links