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Prosciutto and Brie Sandwich with Fig Jam and Spicy Greens


I have an intense, deep-seated obsession with sandwiches. And I truly don't discriminate; I'm just as content with peanut butter and jelly on white bread as I am with a turkey club piled high. My main issue is that I fall into ruts when I make them for myself, relying on the same boring flavors time and time again. Instead of the normal mayonnaise/mustard routine, I spiced things up a little yesterday. On one side of a sourdough baguette I spread fig jam, with Brie on the other, and added a few slices of prosciutto and some spicy greens to finish. Each flavor complemented the next and I can't wait to experiment with even more combinations (next up: Burrata with cherry tomatoes, olive tapenade and sea salt).



Products in this post may contain affiliate links