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Oscars Night - Movie Snacks

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I love having things to look forward to. It's so important for my state of mind and helps even the most mundane days if there's something fun on the horizon. And it doesn't have to be anything major - remembering we have recorded shows to watch, an approaching dinner party, or an upcoming concert all do the trick. When the holidays wrap up - after all of the gifts have been opened and the new year's begun, I love knowing that at least movie awards season is nearby. This borders on almost an unhealthy obsession, but all of the glitz and glamour, movie-watching, and nights spent viewing awards shows with friends is such an exciting time of year. In honor of the The Oscars (which are this Sunday!), I put my twist on three quintessential movie-going snacks (soda, popcorn, and candy) to make at home, but with an elevated twist: meringue candy kisses, brown butter sage popcorn, and a fancy Shirley Temple.

Edit: My recipe page seemed to disappear, but here are links to

homemade meringues


sage butter popcorn

and a

Shirley Temple



Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.