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Molasses Spice Cookies


I'm a big believer in traditions - whether that means

apple picking

at the onset of fall,

organizing in the spring

, or taking advantage of those little daily moments - like enjoying a leisurely cup of tea with cookies in the afternoon. It's not often that I'm inspired to bake something based on a specific kitchen tool, but when I came across heart-shaped cookie cutters (from

Cost Plus

) that had little cut-outs to rest on a cup? Sold. I decided to make

these molasses spice cookies

and simply rolled them out instead of following the directions so I could make them into shapes. They came out exactly as I'd hoped - slightly crisp with a smoky taste and made my entire place smell like the holidays. I'm a sucker for a cute concept and it felt like I was living inside of Pinterest as soon as I rested my cookie on the lip of my cup of tea.


Products in this post may contain affiliate links