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Maple-Oatmeal Scones


Most mornings I eat a simple breakfast - cereal, toast, or the occasional egg. But sometimes I crave something that truly satisfies, in a way that warms me from the inside out. I always get nostalgic around this time of year. I'm reminded of my childhood, when the last days of summer felt so bittersweet and the changing leaves and impending cold lurked around the corner. This year's no different, even if there are no textbooks to be purchased; I can't wait for fall. Food embodies those moments more eloquently than words, which is why I baked these maple-oatmeal scones this past weekend. They're certainly not as healthy as one would imagine, but served warm with a cup of coffee, they're an indulgent way to savor the changing days from summer to fall.


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Products in this post may contain affiliate links