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Homemade Pop-Tarts


When I was little, I struggled with slumber parties. I loved the idea of sleeping away from home, curled up in blankets watching movies with friends, but I rarely made it through the night. Once everyone went to bed, I'd tiptoe to the phone and, in between muffled whimpers, I'd ask my dad to come pick me up. And he always did. It wasn't until later in elementary school that I discovered the benefits of not going home. Whereas our pantry was stocked with gems like All Bran and Cheerios, friends' cupboards were filled with sugary treats that were acceptable to eat for breakfast. That's when I first fell in love with Pop-Tarts. Since then, they've lost a bit of their appeal as I find the pastry bland, the insides overly sweet and often times they're stale. Yesterday I made my own, using this recipe in three variations (apricot, chocolate and cinnamon brown-sugar), and all of the thrills of childhood slumber parties came rushing back in the form of a simple pastry.



Products in this post may contain affiliate links