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Homemade Graham Crackers


When I first went away to college, I went a little crazy with the junk food. It was the first time I had ever gone grocery shopping for myself and I was ecstatic when I realized that I could buy whatever I wanted. I grew up eating really healthy food (in a home where dessert was often a sliced apple), but soon began buying graham crackers in bulk.* They've always been one of my favorite snacks; they're sweet, but not overly so, and I love that you can eat them on their own or with a big dollop of peanut butter. Yesterday I made them from scratch (using this recipe) and while they tasted great, there's just something about the original that can't be beat.



*Sound indulgent? It was. My graham cracker consumption, in addition to daily donuts, ice cream, pizza and beer (and a complete lack of exercise) resulted in the Freshman 50.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links