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Homemade Gnocchi


I'm quite the potato enthusiast. Whether it's a baked potato bar (the best way to host weeknight meals), in the form of homemade chips, latkes, or pockets to hold caviar, I'm game. In fact, my favorite meal from our honeymoon was in a tiny restaurant in Siena where I had a bowl of potato gnocchi with truffles shaved on top. It was simple and rustic, and we sat against cool stone walls and sipped glasses of their house red wine. I haven't ordered it since then, full-well knowing that it could never compare to that dish, but found comfort in knowing that I could at least make it at home. Last week I made it from scratch (recipe here) and was delighted by the results. I love the versatility of gnocchi - that it can work with any sauce (I made a quick pesto) that you have on hand and is far superior to the packaged variety available in stores. I'll never be able to recreate that meal we had in Siena, but it's just one of the many reasons why I'm looking forward to our next trip to Italy, some day.


Products in this post may contain affiliate links