Homemade Cheez-Its

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When I was younger, a trip to the grocery store with my mom was always a welcomed challenge. Each aisle was a new opportunity to convince her of things I needed: sugary "fruit" drinks, granola bars packed with chocolate chips - I had a creative spin for every kind of junk food. Cheez-Its were a perennial snack that I'd try to sneak into the cart, even though they're packed with a long list of ingredients that are nearly impossible to pronounce. Last week I decided to make them from scratch (recipe


) - and loved that I already had everything I needed to whip up a batch. The difference in flavor was profound - they tasted like actual cheese, had a buttery finish, and a crisp exterior that made them seriously addictive. They lacked the artificial flavor I adored as a kid, but they've instantly become a go-to snack anytime we host game nights.